CAL 1 Cross Curricular Initiatives

  • 8th Grade Business Project
  • 6th Grade French Videos

Cross Curricular Initiatives coming up
  • 8th Business Project cont' and Fair
  • 12th IB Book Study Liaison
  • 6th Grade English News Reports

  • Humanities
    • Planning for 7th Grade Brazil ICT/Geo project is done for CAL 3.
    • 8th grade Civil Rights project in History Jan/Feb

What is New?

New Librarian
The LRC has a new teacher librarian on the team.

Maker Leaders: 12th Grade
  • Making runs in three different strands in the LRC. The ICT Maker Club is lead by 12th grade students, and mentored by Mr. Martinez and Roberto Melendez.
  • Maker Leaders running Team Committee and promoting Steam Fest.
  • 12th grade leaders building teams to run DVA 2017

  • All loanable equipment as well as new books has been added to the system and is loaned exclusively through Destiny.
  • Audible collections are complete and ready for loaning.

  • This is not new for us, and we have had issues with conferences as our partner schools are in different time zones and class times don't match up. We have gotten around this by having our 6s record short videos and interchange them with partner schools in the United States and India .

  • We will arrange a whole 6th grade web conference in Life Skills with the Antarctic in January

  • 6th Pen Pals project is running with Malaysia with our kids acting as mentors to younger students in EFL classes. They write once a week, exchange pictures, Flat Stanleys, and short videos. 6A and 6B have already done their portions of the project.

Drone training
We have several students and teachers now trained in using the drone and we are hoping to begin a drone club in the new year. This will be run by a 10th grade student mentor and social hours will be awarded. The drone has been used for two school events, Sports Day and The Colour Run. Footage is edited by IB Film Students.

Minecraft Club
This runs informally at lunch times and after school in the ICT Lab. Mr. Martinez supervises.

Hour of Code in November
We have run Hour of Code since its inception however this is the first year we have run it during the Latin American campaign in November.

Jennifer Garcia:

Curriculum Development:
  • Revamped the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade KS3 Curriculum, creating larger PBL units in each grade and making further cross-curricular connections.
  • prepared a KS3 Matrix of learning to track topic and skill emphasis across KS3
  • Met with HoDs and Librarians at the start of the SY to outline areas in need of support through LRC and ICT as well as opportunities for Cross Curricular work.

  • Revamp of 7th CAL 2 Sustainable Farming PBL Project.
  • Planning for 7th Grade Brazil ICT/Geo PBL project is done for CAL 3.
  • Revamp of ITGS SL and HL planning to include more a/v as well as practical exploration.

PD received:

  • IB ITGS CAT 2 Completed November 2016
  • Classroom Strategies for Inquiry-Based Learning July 2016
  • Educare-October 2016

PD Given:

Special Projects:
  • STEAM FEST 2017: working on the development of the STEAM Fair which will take place in March alongside Brain Awareness Week and Science Week. The actual festival will take place on Friday, March 10th. Meetings with STEAM Team Students and Teachers have taken place. Student Makers will drive the team and competition aspects/
  • DVA 2017-Met with core committee and student leader to begin first steps in building DVA 2017.

Raul Martinez

Curriculum Development:
  • Developed the new "Business Project" instead of the Coffee Project (G8).

PD received:

PD Given:
  • N/A

Special Projects:
  • STEAM FEST 2017: working on the development of the STEAM faire
  • PAES intensive training with G12 students. Status : Completed

Rodrigo Alfaro

Curriculum Development:
  • Revamped 6th grade IT units: A Day in Our Lives, A Better World Project with Menu style lessons which enable differentiation for students' interest. This also includes extension work for devoted students.

PD Received:
  • Learned how to set up and control DJI drone for recording school video events.

Special Projects
  • Animation Club EC instructor, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Development of animation skills and short animated films by secondary students.
  • Video documentation of secondary sports events: Sports Day 2016, Tug of War 2016
  • Assisting planning/organization for Digital Video Awards/STEAM Fest

Hilda Gómez-Librarian

PD Received:
  • La biblioteca escolar según IFLA-UNESCO. Biblioteca de Antiguo Cuscatlán.
  • La biblioteca escolar como promotora en la Educación Primaria. Biblioteca del Colegio Externado San José.
  • Conference the seventh annual Global Education Conference 2016.

PD Given:
  • Presenter CRA 24 1/7 en el Siglo XX at the Library 2.0
  • How to Start a Blog.
  • Cuentacuentos. Universidad José Simeón Cañas

Special Projects:
  • Coordinated the Book Week activities
  • Coordinated LRC Top Reader
  • ICT Committee
  • Make Videos
  • Promotional posters activities
  • French and Spanish Liaison
  • Communications, community, and Social Media, Multimedia
  • Coordinated social hours in the LRC
  • School Library Committee in El Salvador.

Judith Mendez-Librarian

PD Received:
  • La Biblioteca Escolar según IFLA-UNESCO. Biblioteca de Antiguo Cuscatlán
  • Ser más creativos. Coursera

PD Given:
  • Presenter CRA 24 1/7 en el Siglo XX at the Library 2.0
  • Cuentacuentos. Universidad José Simeón Cañas.

Special Projects:
  • Coordinated the Book Week activities
  • Language Policy Committee
  • Oversee Collections and Book Processing
  • Work with Jen on curriculum collections
  • Liaison with the Spanish Department
  • Coordinated December Scholastic Book Club

Eugenia Rivas-Library Assistant

PD Given: Presenter CRA 24 1/7 en el Siglo XX at the Library 2.0

Special Projects:
  • English Liason
  • Persepolis English Activity
  • Chalkboard theme for LRC displays (Mostly around the circulation desk area)
  • MakerSpace activities during breaks, lunch and after school using fabrics and sewing materials
  • Tribal Trivias competition

Extra Curricular
The Maker Club: is run by Raul Martinez every Thursday after school. Students develop/make their own projects by applying STEAM concepts. It is co-run by an 12th grade student and certain students come in to work at other times on their maker club project.

Library Club: This Club is run by Hilda Gomez, Judith Menedez and Eugenia Rivas. Different groups of students meet every day before and after school as well as lunch time, to work on different library initiatives.

Club Recilectura: This Club is run by Hilda Gomez . Students stay after school on Wednesdays to work on literature related activities, which they develop for different libraries and schools in El Salvador.

Maker Drop in Club: This club is run by Hilda Gomez and Eugenia Rivas. Different groups of students meet every day before and after school as well as lunch time, to work on different Maker activities, which are often linked to theme weeks.

ITGS Help: This club runs Thursdays as well as Tuesdays if needed. Students make appointments and drop in when they are in need of help. These times are also used by some students to get help on EE, and ICT work for other subjects. These time slots are coordinated by Mrs. Garcia. It will change in name to ICT Help Desk, and run on Thursdays each week in the new year.

Events and Displays

Displays in Progress
Festival Week

The following channels are those most frequently used to communicate with the ABC Community and share happenings at the LRC: Facebook, ABC LRC Blog
LRC Website, LRC Twitter, LRCABC Youtube, LRC ABC Flickrand Various Pinterest boards aimed at Teachers, __Librarians__and Makers. These sites are updated by the LRC Staff members on a regular basis.

Usage:LRC Pass Totals- August to December 15th: 1366

Follet Destiny
  • Library Statistics for the date range 20/08/2015 to 1/12/2016
    Total: Checked Out: 123

Top Patron Statistics
Patron Homeroom Circulations

Top Patron Statistics
Patron Homeroom Circulations
1. Monroy Martínez, Kamila
2. Linares Núñez, Adriana Patricia
3. Grijalva Sermeño, Adriela María
4. Mina González, Diego Sebastián
5. Quan Andino,J osé Roberto

Magazine Audit has taken place and roles reassigned for future subscription purchases.
Equipment Audit has taken place but is yet to be 100% completed.
Book Audit has taken place in some sections but is yet to be completed.
New colour coding by level system has been agreed upon with the Language Committee and will be implemented progressively across the year.


-This year the LRC renewed the TumbleBookCloud subscription and but the LRC half of the Questia School Subscription has been renewed by HoS and account details will be shared with students and staff once confirmation is obtained.
-A substantial investment was made of over 300 fiction and nonfiction books in both English and Spanish as well as approximately 40 French titles. A good portion of the book order was dedicated to the purchase of Young Adult Fiction books in order to meet the needs of our older students.
-The LRC order for sy17/18 is being compiled and will emphasise graphic novels ( which we pushed for several years in a row and did not focus as heavily on last order) , along with updating our fiction, non-fiction and languages Collections. Special Requests by departments and students and, professional development books.
-The magazine orders are being sorted and prioritised for the remainder of the school year with plans for review in late spring.
-50% support for French magazine subscriptions.

Other Orders
  • Go Pros and accessories
  • Replacement tripods
  • New playsport cameras
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • LRC/ICT 50% 3d scribbler pen replacements
  • LRC/ICT 50% ipad tripod replacements
  • Replacement Logitech and Sony Headsets
  • Additional Leap controllers
  • Additional Mini drones
  • New sink installed in office
  • Purchase of sewing machine (at the end of last school year)

Additional Comments:
Two large and expensive pieces of office furniture have been disposed of due to termite infestations, despite ongoing attempts to fumigate.
One will not be replaced, the other may be depending on pending quotes. It is hoped that this will halt the issue and that the rest of the office furniture will not be affected.