The LRC and its staff members in conjunction with ICT, have participated in several insets this school year.
4 sessions in total were offered during the inset day in English and in the weeks that followed in Spanish.
These insets focused on:
  • Google Chrome
  • GMail
  • Youtube
  • Google Calendar
The LRC also delivered a training session to the ABC English School teachers on Google Apps on September 11th 2012.

Cross Curricular Initiatives
The LRC has supported several cross curricular initiatives during this part of the school year and there are several more planned for the new year.
  • English: 6th Grade Quest project-working with sound effects and podcasting with Audacity and Garageband during November/December 2012.
  • English: 7th Grade Little Brother Activity-Digital video work during November 2012.
  • History: 7th Grade Evaluating Historical Resources
  • 6th Grade Induction: iPads and QR Codes for library scavenger hunts

Cal 2 Cross Curricular Initiatives coming up
  • English: SketchUp-Romeo and Juliet a Room as a Character's Mind Project
  • Science: Classification in Virtual Worlds, Jokaydia Grid ABC El Salvador
  • Minecraft: Castles and fortresses in survival mode.

What is New in ICT?


Minecraft will become a part of the 7th grade curriculum this year. We have purchased a class set of Minecraft Edu accounts and will be setting up our own server. The skills covered will range a great deal as we have a great many 7th grade experts. These experts will be a part of the planning process, mentor other students, and take on the more difficult challenges in lesson time. The lessons will focus on building castles and fortresses in survival mode, which will allow students to put into practice their learning in History from earlier in the year.

Jokaydia Grid:We have taken on a new region for ABC El Salvador on Jokaydia Grid. Reaction Grid discontinued it services so we transferred our existing region over. This will be used fo 7th grade ICT and 8th Grade Science. We are also hoping to create a Jokaydia Grid Club in the new year for 8th grade students who wish to help in building the science region prior to the unit.

Google Chrome:Each student in KS3 has a Google Chrome account which they have linked to their abc-net accounts. They have a collection of extensions and apps that are educational, which can be added to as needed.

Diigo:7th and 8th grade have used Diigo for some time and 6th grade will begin in January, as part of their research project.

Easybib: 7th and 8th grade are working with Easybib for the creation of bibliographies in project work. 6th grade will take this on later in the year. We need to look at the other options it provides and decide on which ones we will use.

Digital Portfolios: These are not new, but 6th through 8th all have one and there are several times during the school year in each grade, during ICT in which they dedicate time to adding content and reflecting on their work. English has supported this and had the kids upload some of their assignments to their digital portfolios, during CAL 1.

iPads: The iPads are in use for a variety of activities such as lesson starters, animation work, sound recording, research and Voicethread presentations, QR Code scavenger hunts, and short video recordings.


Jennifer Garcia attended the ISTE Conference in June, at which she presented 3 KS3 Projects, Student screencasting, World of Warcraft Book Study, and SketchUp-an author's mind as a Room. She also presented Google Apps and Digital Storytelling Apps in the Digital Playground during the conference.

Global EdCon
Jennifer Garcia, Silvia Serrano and Rodrigo Alfaro, team presented the A Better World Project at Global EdCon in November. The recording can be found here.

21st Century Educators
The LRC works with a group of 8 ICT teachers from San Vicente, and ABES El Salvador on building a community of 21st century educators in El Salvador. This initiative has lead to 2 out of 6 training sessions which will be offered at the LRC during this and this and the following school year. The San Vicente component of this initiative is supported financially by the Integro Legacy Fund.

ABES Events Coordinated by Yensi Vides

1.On Saturday October 6th ABES in conjunction with the LRC hosted a workshop on Video Editing to Promote Libraries. 11 Librarians took part. The session was lead by Rodrigo Alfaro. The objective of this workshop was to educate librarians on the use of free online video resources for promoting their services.

2. ABES under the leader ship of Yensi Vides, has organised a collection of Saturday workshops for Salvadoran librarians based on the IFLA workshop that Yens Vides went to in Panama. Several, but not all of these workshops are or will be held at the LRC.
Themes are :
  • The Library Club-a Window of Discovery
  • Better Employees-nature or nurture?
  • Workshop 1 and 2: Restoration of texts using recycled materials
  • Workshop-Introduction to Easy Reading

Hilda Gomez:
1. participated in the International Storytelling Network project Cojutepeque
Library through the stories to Change the World Project, organized by the
International Storytelling each June 21st.
2. participated in Creative Writing for Woman by Elena Regalado in Centro
Cultural de España en El Salvador.
3. participated in Tales of Oral Tradition by Lola Pereira in Centro Cultural de
España en El Salvador.
4. attended the New Horizons Conference: Fostering innovative reading and
libraries, organized by the Goethe- Institute Mexiko.
6. is the representative and creator of the REDLEE Project and Network in El Salvador
8. presented digital book applications to ABES and San Vicente participants during the second 21st Century Eductors workshop at the Academia Britanica
9. participated as a speaker at the Libraries and Recycling in Centro Cultural de
España en El Salvador.
11. Coordinated Christmas activities for the Club Salvadoran writers of Children’s
Literature at the Centro Cultural de España.

Extra Curricular
The ABC Olympic Digital Video Club promoted and documented sections of the Santa Tecla 2012 Olympic Competitions in CAL one.
Animation Clubs
Rodrigo Alfaro continues with the Animation Club extra-curricular initiative. He also directed (for a brief time) the Timed Drawing Club. This last club was discontinued because the students had scheduling conflicts. Nevertheless, for the 7 weeks the club existed, the students were very enthusiastic and eager to try out drawing timed poses to increase their drawing skills. The timed drawing club mostly consisted on rough sketching, with an aim to loosen up the student's drawing style, as well as to increase their confidence as illustrators.

1 2 3 4

Digital Media Artist
Rodrigo Alfaro has taken on the role of teacher for certain classes under the support and guidance of the other ICT Teachers. He currently team teaches 2 6th grade ICT lessons and will take on these classes as his own as of January. He continues to team teach the Creative Carrousel Classes and will teach the 8th grade carrousel as of January under the guidance and support of Mr. Gray and Mrs. Serrano.

Staff Support
Rodrigo Alfaro has provided video and editing support for the following staff in SY2012: Susana Santamaria, Blanca Estela Mena, Nancy Borja, Graeme Keslake, Estefania Chacon, Rob Clare, Carmen Chavez, Lucila Sanchez, Claudia Martinez, Catherine Corry, Craig Kilkie, Claudia Brenes, Eric Garcia, Eugenia Tenorio. He is also constantly available to help students/staff with their video work outside of class time; in break, lunch or after school.

Digital Media Work
Rodrigo Alfaro worked on the animation for the introduction for the school's mascot, as well as the making the ABC Media logo for student's productions. He provided assistance and technical support for the Olympics Video Club. With the acquisition of the LRC ipads, great progress has been made in the quality and styles of animation done here in school. We are only just scratching the surface of the possibilities that they've opened up for us since their arrival

Events and Displays
Theatre Week
During Theatre Week the LRC hosted a series of mask making workshops from 2-3. The Drama Department worked with the students on performances using the mas,s.
During LOL of the 2nd Week the performers donned the masks and performed their play, with music and sound effects performed by the Music department.

Salarrue Week in the LRC included presentations to KS3 students by special guests: Salvadorean
writer Silvia Elena Regalado and Ligia Rodríguez Librarian at the Centro Cultural de
Festivals of Light workshops and activities ran for two weeks by Hilda Gomez who also organised relevant displays in the LRC.

Welcome to the LRC display.
Civic Week
Peace One Day
Banned Books week
Salarrue Week
Festival of lights : Displays and activities (handicrafts)
Bookmarks to each activities
El Salvador Month
United Nations Week

The following channels are those most frequently used to communicate with the ABC Community and share happenings at the LRC: Facebook, ABC LRC Blog
LRC Website, LRC Twitter, LRCABC Youtube, LRC ABC Flickr. These sites are updated by the LRC Staff members on a regular basis. The LRC newsletter has been discontinued in favour of the LRC Blog and Facebook Page.


The LRC has received 1322 visits from students during lesson times through the LRC Pass system.

Circulation Reports


All orders have now been made for the school year with the exception of the remaining items on the LRC Book Order. There are several outstanding books to be ordered budget permitting.

Equipment Breaking Down
This is one of our big challenges as they receive a lot of wear and tear. We replace items whenever possible, but there are times when for unknown reasons items like headsets, new and old, stop working, and tripods break down. Due to budgetary restrictions, these are not usually replaced during the school year, which can lead to shortages in lessons.

Auditors in Teaching Spaces
Our teaching rooms are often taken up by auditors, usually one per room and often two at the same time. Teachers and students cannot use these resources during these times, that often go on for more than a week. This is a terrible waste of space of resources and can become very frustrating for teachers and students alike. The noise in the LRC is also counter productive to the work the auditors are doing. An appropriate space elsewhere is needed for administrative work.

Food and Drinks
Despite the ban on food, drinks and bags in the LRC, this continues to be a problem. Students sneak food in, leave wrappers and bottles all over the LRC and even stick gum to the furniture upholstered and non-upholstered alike.