LRC Report November 2011

21st Century Learning


Up until and including November 2011 staff ICT training has taken place by special request.
The PE department has had 2 sessions on Blogger and one on Picasa Web albums and photo editing and one session on Diigo.
As of December after school sessions will be run as sign up activities. These sessions will continue to be added to the LRC Calendar.


  • Hilda Gomez attended the International Satellite Library Conference in Guatemala City from August 10th-11th 2011.
  • Hilda Gomez also attended the VII Encuentro Internacional de Catalogadores en Argentina from the 23 to 25 of Noviembre de 2011. She arranged for all costs to be covered through Scholarships.
  • Yensi Vides attended the IFLA Panama workshop for Building Strong Library Association trainers, under a scholarship grant (not including transportation), where she participated as a presenter. Yensi presented the ABES Casero del Libro Project.
  • Yensi Vides attended the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico ( 13-18 August 2011) again under a scholarship grant,(not including transportation)
  • Hilda Gomez and Yensi Vides attended sessions at the the online Actitudes20 Conference in MedellĂ­n, Columbia from 17 y 18 de Noviembre, as time permitted.
  • Jennifer Garcia attended ISTE 2011 Conference in Philadelphia from June 26th to 29th as a participant, presenter and digital playground trainer. The presentations given focused on the Scratch Millennium Goals project and the A Better World Collaborative Project.
  • Jennifer Garcia attended where possible and co-presented at Global EdCon. The link to the presentation outline can be found here. The recording for the session can be found here.
  • Jennifer Garcia has submitted to presentation proposals to ISTE for ISTE 2012 in San Diego, and will be submitting a project for the online learning award in the new year.


The LRC is running the National Short Story competition for 6th and 7th grade students, submissions for which are due in prior to the Christmas holidays.

Extra Curricular

Animation Clubs
The animation club runs each Tuesday and Thursday for 6th to 11th grade students. The Thursday club is run with a Humanities focus by the Humanities Dept (Amy Nott and Rachael Taylor) and the Digital Media Artist, Rodrigo Alfaro.
Tuesday group, which is the original animation group, continues to be run by the Digital Media Artist, Rodrigo Alfaro and does not have a particular subject as its focus.

The World of Warcraft Club will launch prior to the Christmas holidays and continue into the new year. It will be run by Jennifer Garcia and focus on reading, reflecting and teamwork through MMOGs and Graphic Novels. The Link to the program can be found here.

Reading Club
This is run by Shari Nixon, sets books for the club are ordered on a regular basis and the club meets in person as well as virtually.

Digital Media Artist

The Digital Media Artist, Rodrigo Alfaro has work on the production and support of video work with staff and students on a request basis.Teachers assisted from August 2011 to November 30 2011: Raquel Zepeda, Oscar Lima, Marta Vasquez, Carlos Arriola, Erick Garcia, Graeme Keslake, Eugenia Tenorio, Elizabeth Aguirre, George Hobson, Julie Emmerson, Martin Cortez, Miriam Castellanos, Carmen Chavez and Jodie Pashley. Most of these videos can be found on the LRC Youtube channel.
Rodrigo also collaborates in the planning, teaching and evaluation of media work in ICT Lessons as part of the Creative Carousel for Grades 6, 7 and 8. He is now accepted school wide as the expert in this area and his skills are constantly in demand for student and teacher support, where media work is concerned.
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Additional Initiatives

The LRC is in the process of purchasing a server license for Minecraft, which is very popular with the KS3 students, who have been playing the free version and in some cases downloaded the cracked version at home. We would like to support their gaming work with Minecraft by installing it for them on the school server thereby giving them access to the full game after school. This will not be run as a club.

ICT Lessons

The various topics covered so far in KS3 ICT lessons can be found below. For more details please refer to the ICT website's vertical curriculum and schemes of work.
  • Set Up and Systems:Meet mac, Google docs-sharing, creating, organising, mail settings, and calendar, JoliCloud,
  • iGoogle: Personal home pages, gadgets and feeds
  • Screencast Tutorials: Google Docs,Screencast-O-matic, Quicktime Recorder, ScreenFlow iMovie
  • Scratch: Research, programming and citation
  • 9/11 Empathy Project: Web searching,Web Evaluation, Today's Meet,Research and Diigo Groups, Google Docs- collaborative writing, Voicethread, Citations and Easy Bib


  • A Better World: Google DocsGarageband, Blabberize, converting vid with Handbrake, iMovie, Green Screen
  • Animations as Story Telling Devices: Google Docs, Storyboarding, claymation, paper cutouts, pixilation, DomoGoAnimate, Toki Line test, iMovie and Garageband, Green Screen
  • Book Trailers: Story Board, iMovie, GarageBand, Green Screen. KeepVid, Zamzar

Virtual Worlds
We will continue to use Reaction Grid (7th grade) and begin using Quest Atlantis (6th grade) this year for our inworld work. This will give students a strong introduction to virutal worlds, communication, movement, quests and 3D building.

Events and Displays

Theatre Week:

This event was low key this year, but through it a new initiative grew.a series of Puppet workshops run by Rodrigo Alfaro for 6 weeks. The project went well and some of the puppets have remained in the LRC for project use.


Hilda Gomez and Yensi Vides continue to prepare LRC Bookmarks and Displays based on the themes outlined in the LRC Calendar. Photo collections are uploaded to the LRC Flickr and ABC Picasa Accounts.


LRC Blog
*We are also considering using Edmodo and/or Facebook groups to interact with students online.



The number of students visiting the LRC outside of normal classes either on passes or at breaks breaks, before and after school up until November. 29, 2011: 1399.

Circulation Reports


Bodega Report
LRC $275.56
LRC (toner) $406.95


Several tems ordered for this school year have not yet arrived and are being chased up. Additional book orders are being placed often based on student and teacher requests. These will continue to happen throughout the school year.


Laptops have connectivity issues.
Jolicloud lost passwords cannot be reclaimed
Digital equipment is wearing out, this was anticipated and additional items were puAllrchased to supplement current stocks. It can be assumed that this will be an annual exercise.
Wireless still fluctuates in certain areas of the LRC.
Orders are still not complete and items outstanding are being followed up.
Cataloging of older collections continues to be backlogged as new items continue to arrive.