LRC Report st November 30th, 2010
Events and Activities Update

Lunch on the Lawn LOL continues to be a successful project run by the LRC and Music departments. The show is no longer live streamed over the LRC channel at ustream, however each week a recording of the show is made and uploaded to the LRC website. Attendance has been sporadic this school year, although the Secondary Music department has done an excellent job of motivating students and staff members to participate, thereby raising the profile of Music in the school.

El Salvador Month and United Nations Week These two events were marked in part by a large display at the back of the LRC, as well as by special bookmark collections. In addition, the Librarian and Assistant ran tours for interested groups across the school which carefully explained each area of the display. Students in KS3 ICT worked on digital projects which focused on El Salvador and the UN (details below).

Banned Books Week The Librarian and Assistant did an excellent job of putting together a thought provoking banned books display, highlighting books that have been banned in the past. This display really got students thinking and talking about the banning of books world wide and through history.

Book Blurbs and the Reading Tree
During Book Week the the LRC re initiated its Book Blurbs and Reading Tree projects.

  • Book Blurbs is a program in which students are encouraged to record a brief recommendation for a book, which is then placed inside the book cover for others to read when looking for a book.
  • The Reading Tree is used as a collection on display of student reactions to books that they have read. Each student fills in a leaf which is then stapled to the tree display.

Whole School Book Week
This year both Book Week took place school wide as an event in its own. Two committees were set up one each in Primary and Secondary and these were overseen by the Primary Literacy Coordinator and the LRC coordinator. This was the most successful Book week so far. The activities that took place can be viewed on the LRC Website on the Book Week Activities page. The traditional Primary and Secondary book fairs were consolidated into a whole school book fair, which was held on the lawn in front of the LRC. The LRC invested in a Scholastic Book Fair, which was displayed inside the LRC and enabled students from 5th -12th grade to purchase appropriate books for reasonable prices. Remaining Book Fair books will be absorbed into the LRC collection. This worked well and the same set up will be considered for next sy's book fair.
Although the week was very successful, there were several issues to keep in mind when planning the week next year.
  • The timing of Book Week is still an issue and Books for Sale are still pricey and the variety is limited.
    • Two of the major book suppliers in the country,La Casita and La Ceiba, run inventory during November and stated this as the reason they do not participate in our book fair. These two suppliers offer the widest variety of childrens literature in the country in both Spanish and English, their prices are reasonable and their presence during Book Week would really enhance the book fair.
    • Book week should be moved to the new year for sy2011/12 taking place around March/April.
  • The theatre group which was hired back for this year's Book Week was a disappointment. The same group as last year were brought back to perform a new play. After several discussions prior to and on the day of the event, the play went forward with the assurance from the theatre company that the performance was appropriate for 6th and 7th grade. The play contained suggestive content deemed inappropriate for 6th and 7th grades. A different theatre group will need to be considered for future events.

Book Week Financial Report


By Genre and Sections

By Grade Levels

Accounts and Orders

Book Fair Order: $1,637.50 minus total Book Fair Sales $639.35= $998.15 total investment of remaining books for the LRC

LRC Account #68.1 Total Income from printing and photocopies and and destined towards toner:$945.08
LRC Account #68 Total income from book fines: $33.14

Bodega Expenses
LRC #68.1 (toner): 857.87
LRC #68: $458.39

Breakdown and Totals in LRC Budgets
LRC# 68.
LRC #68

Professional Development

LRC Staff
LRC Staff members are encouraged to seek out and attend professional development events taking place around Central America.
The LRC LIbrarian Yensi Vides attended: 10th annual Library Symposium in Guatemala City from November 8th to 12th. She attended sessions on new techniques for cataloging resources and library architecture, design and publicity.

Professional Development The LRC no longer offers weekly, sign up training session for teachers. These sessions were poorly attended during the second half of sy2009/10. Instead departments are receiving ICT support and training which focuses on their teaching and learning needs for the year.

Projects Run with LRC Support

6th Grade
  • French Region Tour
    Google Earth/Maps and Voki
  • NeoOffice Text: El Salvador Month investigation informative poster about departments.
  • NeoOffice Spreadsheets: Logging Geographical data for graphs creation-daily logs over a course of a week: temp and wind speed

7th Grade
  • NeoOffice Text: El Reportaje
  • Jing Screencasting: KS2 ICT Student Tutorials

8th Grade

Web 2.0:

6th Grade
  • Google Apps: Gmail,ABC-net Google Docs, Calendar
  • Grade: French Region Tour
    Google Earth/Maps and Voki
  • Grade: Geography Tour of El Salvador
7th Grade
8th Grade
  • Google Calendar setup, invitations, events, attachments
  • ABC-Net/Google Docs settings, themes,chat, signature, folders
  • iGoogle Choose gadgets and set up pages per subject and feeds


ICT Lessons in the LRC
All KS3 ICT lessons continue to be held in the LRC. iMacs and Large Seminar B are booked for each one.

Other Lessons
  • The LRC remains heavily booked as a class teaching venue by staff members across departments.
  • Between August 19th 2010 and November 30th 2010, a total of 1029 students signed in to use the LRC during regular lessons, using the Library pass system, giving a daily average of 60.98 students.
  • Both recording rooms continue to be used heavily.
    • Students book the rooms regularly out of subject lessons for work involving digital audio and video.
    • Teachers frequently book the rooms for digital audio and video work within their subjects, as well as for work on oral exams.


  • Book Order(s) have been made utilising a part of the original order for this year. The focus for this order is predominantly Spanish fiction, with some purchases reflecting requests by departments and/or replacements for non-fiction items.
  • The Scholastic book order has taken place once during sy09/10 and will become a quarterly event for sy09/10(including the Scholastic Book Fair*). These book orders have been taken on with enthusiasm by staff and students. Not only do they provide for student owned books, but they also contribute to the LRC collection through the coupon and point system. Unfortunately for this first order of the year the couriers have not been successful in getting our orders into the country and through customs in a timely manner.This was due to faulty invoice labeling by Scholastic.
  • A Second book order was placed through the Scholastic Book Fair* System for Book Week. These books were sold to students at moderate prices. Books that were not sold during book week are to be incorporated as part of the LRC collection.

  • The Questia Database subscription has been updated for students in 10th -12th grade. and their respective teachers. A decision to renew this subscription for sy 2011/12 will be subject to review towards the end of SY2010/11.
  • The LRC Subscribes to 164 online and/or print magazines and journals. The total collection of print subscriptions that have been cataloged is 582. Items that are greater than 2 years old are donated to interested parties several times a year.

Newsletters and Reports
A monthly newsletter continues to be written by the LRC Coordinator as a means of communicating with the larger community. This newsletter is sent out at the end of each month and posted on the LRC Website.

The LRC now has a facebook presence at ABC Learning Resources Centre. The idea behind this is to provide updates in addition to the LRC Website and Twitter stream using a social network that most students, teachers and parents utilise already.

The LRC will approach its new local school partner in Canton las Delicias, San Juan Opico, which has requested help in building their primary school library. The Spanish language books donated during Book Week in both Primary and Secondary, are destined for this library as books purchased from the proceeds from the read-a-thon.

Displays continue to be updated regularly and pin boards have been placed in key locations around the LRC.

LRC/ICT Office
The ICT department now shares the room which was the LRC storage/workroom. Furniture and shelving are under construction which will maximise the use of this small space, providing areas for meetings, individual work, storage and display work.

  • The LRC currently hosts two clubs, the Reading Club and Reaction Grid Club
    • The Reading Club is run by a member of the English Department and meets once a week to read and discuss books. Discussion also occurs on the Reading Club Wiki
    • The Reaction Grid Club meets once a week in-world to create 3-D constructions and interact in a virtual world.


Gaming in the LRC has proved to be less of an issue this year under the continued implementation of LRC Cards. Students that are caught breaking the rules are issued a warning. A second offense results in that student being banned from the LRC for a period of one week, outside of lesson times. This system when combined with a greater level of supervision at breaks and lunches as well as monitoring using screen sharing, and appropriate signage, has greatly reduced the playing of arcade games in the LRC. Students are encouraged to show members of staff games they would like to play in order to establish whether or not they require a acceptable level of strategic thinking. The names of these games are then posted on a column in the LRC for students to see.

6th Grade
Orientation sessions were run for the 6th grade during their Life Skills lessons in September. This was the second session they received, having done a previous one in May of 2010. The focus this time was to get students used to the expectations and routines of working in the LRC, as well as familiarise them further with the LRC Collections.

5th Grade Spanish
The 5th grade Spanish students, teachers, 6th grade teachers and LRC Coordinator are working together in the LRC on a digital story telling initiative called " El Comic", using the Kerpoof website. This is the first of two yearly induction activities they will participate in.


Internet connections in the LRC have been have fluctuated a great deal between August and November 2010, especially during the last two weeks in November.

Catalogue Search
A new catalog search table has been designed to accommodate up to 3 computers at a time. It currently hold one LRC laptop (which was not functioning properly), on which members of the community can perform catalog searches. This has worked well, as students and staff members are becoming accustomed to performing their searches online through the link on the LRC web page.

  • Both older printers, Laser jet 3600 colour printer and HP laser 4550 black and white printer, malfunction constantly. The new colour laser printer which is capable of printing on tabloid paper, has been placed in the printing alcove along with the others.
  • The circulation area and the photocopier has now been moved to the front of the LRC in the study carrel area.
  • Two new scanners have been added to the LRC which are plug and play models. One has been set up on the new catalog search table for easy access by students and teachers, while the other is located inside the LRC/ICT Office for easy access by teachers and other staff members. .

Printing of colour documents continues to be restricted to the circulation desk. Paper for printing is paid for in advance. This has helped to cut down on the number of wasted or unpaid for copies.
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