LRC Report November 30th 2008

Events and Activities Update

Theatre Week
  • 6 theatrical groups performed during the course of the week in the various sections of the school.
  • Sales of handicrafts and candies took place in front of the LRC.
  • A survey is online to monitor staff and student feedback.
  • No income received, $150.00 spent on transportation of a theatrical group

Book Week
November 24th to 28th

Refer to the Book Week Activities document
(I apologise in advance for the formatting. This was exported from Google Docs. Need I say any more?)

Financial Report From Book Week
8 merchants attended 7 of these sold books
A total of $200.00 was paid as non refundable deposits for 2 stalls a piece
$108.34 was taken as 5% of each stall's earnings

50% of these earnings went to each library
$154.17 each

Expenses -LRC Specific
Taxi for presenter-$5.00
Popcorm $9.95

Total income free from book week(LRC)


See attached Report


As of November 28th there are 3055 Single copies of books catalogued and 150-200 of multiple copy books.

Inventory and Cataloging of Audiovisual Equipment

All departmental and LRC audiovisual equipment is now indexed online and is being signed out to staff members through the Glifo's system. LRC equipment not on the LRC booking system is booked out by LRC staff using paper sign out forms. An inquiry has been into ICT Support developing an online system for this purpose.

Accounts and Orders

LRC Account

LRC Cash Account

LRC Orders


Projects and Usage

770 students have made use of the Library Pass system to visit the LRC during class time. Bookings for the iMac Lab and laptops are fairly constant. Students and teachers make us of the seminar rooms and recording rooms, booking them as needed.

Many members of staff and their students have been keen to develop digital projects in their subject areas. The list below is an inventory of those projects developed in conjunction with the LRC.


LRC Committee and Staff

The committee meets once a month or as needed, from 6:15-7:15 on Wednesday mornings. It is made up of 7 members representing teachers, students and parents. Regular minutes are kept in a google notebook BDRJ6SgoQw_jLls4j|Google Notebook]]. Meetings tend to focus on the LRC Action Plan as well as emergent issues.LRC Staff meetings are held as needed or once a month. Minutes are kept in a google notebook.

LRC Committee Members

Jennifer Garcia
Yensi Vides
Judith Shorrocks
Ana Tomasino
Sally Nieto
Emma Rita Garcia-Prieto
Diego Samour


Newsletters and Reports
  • The LRC Coordinator writes a monthly newsletter which goes out at the end of each month and highlights LRC activity and events from the month. These are sent out with the Secondary School Newsletter as well as posted on the LRC Website.
  • The LRC Coordinator writes a quarterly report on the workings of the LRC for SMT.


Income from printing, photocopying and late returns as well as reading initiatives are kept in the LRC Cash Account and some of this money is destined for application towards a mobile library initiative at La Savannah School in Santa Tecla.


Wall and book displays are changed on a regular basis to match school and or seasonal themes as well as to promote reading and reading activities and highlight certain book collections.

  • The colour laser printer option has been removed from iMacs to lesson wastage of toner. All LRC iMacs currently default to the black and white laser printer. 2 USB's were purchased by IT Support for students files and ease of printing by the LRC Staff.
  • Wireless is variable and much dependent of alternative demands from around the school. A log was begun to monitor the situation, however few incidents have been recorded as the situation seems to have improved.
  • A Mac Pro was installed in Recording Room B for multimedia work.


The LRC has launched several surveys during the first quarter these being a student reading habits survey prior to Book Week, and a Theatre Week review by teachers and students, as well as an ongoing request for resources survey and LRC Operating Hours Survey, all of which link from the LRC Website.