LRC Report st May 31th 2009

Events and Activities Update
Earth Week took place during the week of March 22nd, with teacher run workshops most days for students. These activities were highlighted in a special LRC report as well as on the LRC Website.

LOL continues to be a successful project run by the LRC and Music departments. The show has been lives streamed over the Live at the LRC channel at ustream. Each week a recording of the show is made and uploaded to the LRC website. Future plans would involve students from other areas of the arts as well as a continued focus on music.

American Library Association
During the Easter break, the LRC hosted a workshop for members of the association on how to use Gmail and Google Docs. The session was run by the LRC Librarian.

On May 23rd, as part of the country wide National Librarian's Week activities, the LRC hosted a workshop for members of the association on how to use Wikis for Library Website construction. This session was run by the LRC Coordinator with the support of the LRC Librarian.


Accounts and Orders
LRC Cash



April to May

LRC Printing and Copying 68.1 Final Report

LRC 68 Final Report

Projects and Usage

Web 2.0
  • Mahara is now in use from 6th through 8th grade for student digital portfolios.This work will continue next year as students work on building up and reflecting on their collections of best work. 9th and 11th grade will begin work with Mahara during the last week of classes.
  • Podcasts were a focus for students in 6th through 8th grade on a different subjects. 6th grade worked on Cyber safety as an extension of previous class work, 7th grade worked on dialogues between a human and something else, as a cross curricular link between ICT and English. 8th grade created on the spot news reports from WW1. These podcasts can be found on the ABCICT wiki
  • Google Docs and Mail: All students in KS3 have a -net account which they are using for email and shared documents at present. They have use docs for collaborative written work on podcast scripts.
  • Virtual Worlds have been a recent focus for 6th grade with the introduction of WhyVille. Students had to take a chat license test before being able to participate and belong to the ICT Teacher's inworld Class Roster. Students have learnt how to navigate within the world and take part in the various educational games and activities it offers. During the last week of May,nset will be offered to head of years on how to use whyville in lifeskills.
  • Wikis: was created as a multipurpose site for housing examples of student digital work, links for lessons and online lessons for students.
  • Ning: Work has continued on this social network for grades 7 and 8. Students are able to work in forums, join groups, and upload files including their digital projects. In order to protect student privacy, non-members are not allowed past the first page.


  • Book Order(s) are being compiled by the ex Library assistant, as well as current library staff. The focus for this order is predominantly fiction, with some purchases reflecting requests by departments and/or replacements for non-fiction items.
  • The LRC Non-Capex Order for the coming year has been compiled and submitted to the Purchasing officer.
  • Scholastic book orders have taken place twice during 2009 and will become a quarterly event for sy09/10. These book orders have been taken on with enthusiasm by staff and students. Not only do they provide for student owned books, but they also contribute to the LRC collection through the coupon and point system.

Paid subscriptions
  • Questia subscriptions were was purchased for IB students and teachers. It "is the world's largest online library of books, with over 72,000 full-text books, 2 million articles, and an entire reference set complete with a dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesaurus. Your subscription to the entire Questia academic library also includes digital productivity tools for highlighting text, taking notes, and generating footnotes and bibliographies in seven different styles."
  • IB Humanities and English teachers were trained in using it and students will receive lessons at the beginning of sy09/10. 11th will receive a training session in how to use Questia along with NoodleBib during the last week of classes in anticipation of work on their extended essays.


ICT lessons in the LRC
All KS3 ICT lessons continue to be held in the LRC. iMacs and Large Seminar B are booked for each one.

The LRC remains heavily booked as a class teaching venue.

Between March 1st 2009 and May 31st 2009, ???? students signed in to use the LRC during regular lessons, using the Library pass system,

LRC Committee,Staff and

The LRC Committee and LRC Staff continue to hold regular meetings. Minutes are kept in a shared notebook in each case.

Newsletters and Reports
A monthly newsletter continues to be written by the LRC Coordinator as a means of communicating with the larger community. This newsletter is sent out at the end of each month and posted on the LRC Website.

We hope to make a modest donation of new books, 2 used televisions, and one used overhead projector to La Savannah School in June.

Displays continue to be updated regularly and pinboards have been placed in key locations around the LRC. Assistant and Librarian

Additional Supervision
Prefects have been assigned to aid in supervising during breaks and lunches. This is in its early phase and student commitment has been week so far. A register is kept of those prefects who do cover this duty. The LRC Coordinator will supply prefects with guidelines for the job and bring up emerging issues with the head of Secondary.


Glifos Media (which we have paid for all year) training has taken place in both Primary and Secondary a small group from Secondary departments will be formed to work with the most use videos.

Internet signals continue to fluctuate within the LRC. The wireless has also been unreliable at times. In many cases classes are forced to plug in their computers. That said it is often very difficult to work effectively on the computers. The issues with vista computers and the wireless are being sorted out.

There is one colour laser printer in the LRC which is showing its age and would appear to be on its way out. The LRC also contains an older black and white laser printer.

Neither of the two printers currently operating within the LRC (black and white and colour) work with legal sized paper.

Printing of colour documents continues to be restricted to the circulation desk. Paper for printing is now paid for in advance. This has helped to cut down on the number of wasted or unpaid for copies.