Cross Curricular Initiatives
(Based on Music work but not in conjunction with Music)
(Based on Humanities work but not in conjunction with Humanities)

Cal 3 Cross Curricular Initiatives coming up
  • 8th Grade Shakespeare/SketchUp
  • 7th Survival Island ICT/English/Science/Minecraft
  • 8th Grade Circuits/Redstone

What is New?

  • ISTE
Both presentation proposals fro ISTE 14 have been accepted by ISTE. Rodrigo Alfaro will be travelling to Atlanta to attend and present.
  • ABC
Presented a brief introduction to Answergarden and Socrative Beta along with Rodrigo Alfaro, during the Februray 20th Inset Day.

Jennifer Garcia:
Professional Development and Activities
  • Worked with Department planners on identifying and planning for cross curricular links and LRC support
  • Co-organised the 7th grade Islamic World project with Carmen Duarte
  • Co-organised the 6th grade Mayan Civilisation project with Carmen Duarte
  • Co-organised the 7th grade Slavery Project and Exit Point with Carmen Duarte
  • Co-organised Book Week
  • Leads the Online Gaming Club
  • Leads and supervises all LRC Events, Displays
  • Manages the LRC Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Web Page
  • Member of ISTE
  • Member of Library 2.0 and Classroom 2.0 and Global EdCon.

Rodrigo Alfaro
Professional Development and Activities
  • Ran Animation Club
  • Runs Robotics Club
  • Enrolled in IB Professional Development - Film. Online Category 1. Successfully completed.
  • Enrolled in Robotics Course Online -Robots for Education. Lego & Beyond
  • Assisted members of staff with video work.
  • Assisted Fernando Montes with the acquisition of video mixer & console.

Yensi Vides:
Professional Development and Activities:

Hilda Gomez:
Professional Development and Activities:
  • Liaised with the French Dept. and Spanish together at for new projects:
  • Spanish Poetry Week Coordination
  • French Francofonia Week Coordination
  • Ran the workshop-Semana de la biblioteca” Colegio Americano de El Salvador
La biblioteca, espacio motivador para la lectura a través de actividades.

Display Work

Ivette Moreno
Professional Development and Activities

Display Work

Extra Curricular
  • Gaming Club: the ABC El Salvador WoW Blog has been resuscitated and is used for student reading and reflection responses. We have limited the membership a select few of students keen on the club and have begun to explore Garry's Mod as of mid March.
  • Animation Club: This focused on traditional and modern techniques of animation, such as: flipbooks, clay animation, digital drawings; as well as watching short animated films which are historically important for the genre.The club was discontinued because the members wanted to try other activities in the same time slots as the animation club.
  • Robotics Club: Four Lego Mindstorms Robots which are used in the club as well as in ITGS lessons.The Robotics Club has run continuously for the length of the term. The students have been very supportive and enthusiastic about hand-on working with the 4 Lego NXT Mindstorms 2.0 and the newly arrived Mindstorms Evolution 3 Sets have also been put to good use. We are constantly building, programming and documenting robots, some of which you can see in this video.

Events and Displays

The following channels are those most frequently used to communicate with the ABC Community and share happenings at the LRC: Facebook,ABC LRC Blog
LRC Website, LRC Twitter, LRCABC Youtube, LRC ABC Flickr. These sites are updated by the LRC Staff members on a regular basis.


LRC Pass Totals:1720

Circulation Reports


  • The Non-Fiction section has moved to the East side of the LRC and is now adjacent to the Fiction section.
  • The new back wall is now a massive display board for events and projects.
  • Several ICT lessons a week are being taught in the seating area off of the new classrooms as they take place at the same time as other ICT lessons, therefor the lab is unavailable.