Cross Curricular Initiatives
  • English: SketchUp-Romeo and Juliet a Room as a Character's Mind Project
  • Science: Classification in Virtual Worlds, Jokaydia Grid ABC El Salvador
  • Minecraft: Castles and fortresses in survival mode.
  • English Podcasts: Working with iPad Apps, Garageband and Audacity
  • English Digital Poetry: Working with MovieMaker, iMovie and Story Kit to add voice to images and exporting in digital video or storybook format.

Cal 2 Cross Curricular Initiatives coming up
  • Humanities: 6th Grade Pompeii Project
  • Humanities:WW2 e-books: 8th grade ICT project to run parallel with Humanities

What is New in ICT?

Digital Books:
Students in 6th through 8th grade will be creating digital interactive books this school year. 6th grade will be using Book Creator on the iPads and 7th through 8th iBooks Author on the new Macs to compile their books. Research work will precede the development of these e-books.

Minecraft is now become a part of the 7th grade curriculum this year. We have purchased a class set of Minecraft Edu accounts and have set up an ABCICT server. Students are now working on their structures in teams, having reviewed castles and fortresses and worked on floor plans in Google draw. The 7th grade experts and team leaders have been putting in extra hours from 2-3:00 most days (purely out of choice) working on the main structures. These experts are a part of the planning process, will lay down the rules for testing day and mentor other students as they work on their tasks.They will also take on the more difficult challenges creating traps and other devices. The lessons focus on building castles and fortresses in creative mode and testing will take place in survival mode, possibly with PVP.

Minecraft Edu, allows the teacher oversee student work, turn off building and chat, switch modes as well as allow teleports and freeze students. These tools have proven very useful so far. The one problem we have encountered in the project is that of respect for the property of others. Certain students have accessed the server during build time after school (incognito) and trolled the work of others. They have all been warned that the after school blocks will be taken away if this continues.

Jokaydia Grid: The ABC Avatar Club was a great success with a small group of students from 6th to 8th grade joining in. The younger students picked up the skills very quickly and soon the half region was well populated with strange alien plant forms. Science classes in 8th grade have begun to use the region with each class going inworld for two lessons to classify alien plant life using Earthly classification methods. Mr. Horrocks and Mrs. Garcia are preparing a blog post on the activity.

Diigo: 6th grade used Diigo in January, as part of their research project and their research based presentations will be done and ready to present the weeks before and after the holidays.

Evernote: Evernote, iPad, desktop and browser versions are being used as part of the 8th grade research project, for web clipping and note taking. We are hopeful that students will adopt it for work in other subjects once they become comfortable with it.

Easybib: 6th, 7th and 8th grades have all worked with EasyBib this year using their ABC-Net accounts and Humanities is now adopting it with their 9th grade students.

iPads: The iPads continue to be used heavily for a variety of activities such as lesson starters, animation work, sound recording, research and Voicethread presentations, QR Code scavenger hunts, and short video recordings, web searches clipping with Evernote. Much of the 6th grade curriculum is moving toward work with iPads, the are used in both 7th and 8th grades, for certain units and creative carrousel work as well.

7th Grade Carousel: an ongoing animation project in which the students are asked to create a one minute animation about the ABC Traits and Values. As previously mentioned, the iPads have allowed us to experiment more freely with different types of animation which were too difficult and cumbersome to work with in the past.


San Vicente Teachers:
The LRC has hosted one more session with the teachers from San Vicente, on Saturday November 10th which focused on investigation and managing information, digital storytelling and e-reading. The third session is planned for Saturday March 16 and will focus on Digital Video and Podcasting in the classroom as well as creating an online presence for classes/subjects. 8 teachers from San Vicente are participating in the project. Sessions are also open to 7-8 participants from ABES.

Extra Curricular
ABC Jokaydia

The club constructed ABC Pandora during a period of 7 weeks. The club was made up of 6-8th grade students. The 6-7th grade students learned to build in a 3D environment in-world under the guidance of 8th grade, Mr. Horrocks and Mrs. Garcia.

Robotics Club, which is supervised by Mr. Gray, has been organised and run by several 11th grade students who are teaching students to build and program robots using our Lego Mindstorm Robot Kits.

The Animation Club is an ongoing extra curricular club which meets on Wednesdays. The club is open to animation enthusiasts who seek to learn more about animation; whether it be the history of animation, styles of animation and workshops on creating your own animated short feature. Some of the animation styles which explored in the club are: clay animation, paper animation, classical (drawn) digital animation, pixilation and recently looking into incorporating a course of 3d animation with a free downloadable software program called Blender. We've also purchased a light table and classical animation equipment, alongside reading materials which are relevant for teaching and learning animation skills.

Staff Updates

Digital Media Artist
Rodrigo is now teaching 6d and 6e ICT lessons, once a week per class.
He team teaches the 6th Creative Carousel - A Better World Project with Silvia Serrano twice a week and team teaches the 7th Creative Carousel - ABC Traits and Values Animation project with Jennifer Garcia. Rodrigo and Silvia both plan and teach the five 8th Creative Lessons which focus on programming in Scratch using the MIT Scheme of work. He teaches the 4 practical lessons while Silvia teaches the 1 theoretical lesson each week. He will team teach the robotics component later in the school year with Stuart Gray. This will focus on programming with Lego Mindstorm Robots.

Staff Support
Rodrigo is available to assist in the creation of videos and photography for any staff school-wide, provided the person who wants to produce the video is willing to prepare the necessary materials, record the footage on video, and compile the production into a finished video. There is now a digital form which has to be filled out (please look at the Challenges section at the bottom of this document), in which the requirements to do a video production are clearly delineated. Once this form is filled out, the interested party must book time with Rodrigo so they can be assisted while working in the LRC, whether with Green Screens or digital editing and finalizing videos. Teachers who have been assisted so far this school year (in differing respects) are: Chad Hayward, Rob Clare, Carmen Chavez, Xenia Molina, Estefania Chacon, Craig Kilkie, Marc Starr and Susana Gavidia. Rodrigo is also available to provide support to all students while not engaged in lessons.

Digital Media Work
Rodrigo continues to play a major role in the planning, organisation and production the Digital Video Awards, as part of a committee which has been formed to oversee this yearly event. This will take place in the PAC on May 23rd, at 6 p.m. He's also overseen the production for the introduction of "Rocky" the school mascot for ABC Team Sports. He has assisted in the production of several shorts for the Animation Club, some of which are group projects, some others are individual projects. Rodrigo has produced an animated video stamp for ABC Media, a logo which recognizes projects which involve videos and animations done within school and its equipment. It will be common practice in the upcoming school year for all student work to feature the ABC Media Logo. Rodrigo has produced video recordings for the TOK presentations, the Art Department IB higher orals, and assisting the Groups from San Vicente/ABES in video production.

Professional Affilitions and Development
Yensi is a member of ABES, IFLA and ALA

Yensi has continued in her second period as the president of the Salvadoran Library Association.
She has organised the 2013 Salvadoran Library Culture Week,
“Nuevos retos más desafíos:Avanzando juntos hacia la transformación digital.", which will take place from May 20th to 25th.

She has handed over the Casero del Libro project to the city of San Salvador. This project which was overseen by Yensi for many years, brought a mobile library to the San Miguelito Market each Monday. The 406 books that were involved were part of the donation to the city.

LRC Admin Work

Setting up and keeping up to date of book and equipment records
Supporting Hilda with display work and student activities
Ran Orientation and created the Job description for the new LRC Assistant Ivet Perez
Continued cataloging of the LRC DVD collection
Organisation and coordination of 6 book sellers and 5 artisans and food vendors for book week
Printing of book labels for all new books
Development of ABC/ABES workshops on the creation of digital books

Professional Affilitions and Development
Is a member of ABES, ALA and IFLA Library Associations.
Sits on the Board of the Library Associartion of El Salvador ABES as Assistant Secretary.
Is a Member of Club Salvadoran writer of Children’s Literature.
Participates in a discussion forum on libraries as innovators in promoting reading. Fundación Goethe-Institut Mexiko. San Salvador, El Salvador.
Collaborative network for the promotion of reading in Central America and the Caribbean of the Fundación Goethe-Institut Mexiko.
Professional blog
Writes for an online library journal, The Organisation of Ibero-American States (OEI) Network, on a regular basis.
Completed the National Academy of Science & ICT Colombia online course.

Teaching Others
Training teachers from San Vicente on Saturday November 10, 2012. In this workshop taught the applications Issuu and Myebook.
Training Librarains: Hilda taught about The Library, recycling and Children’s literature, on Saturday November 24, 2012 in Centro Cultural de España en El Salvador.
Participated in Christmas stories and poetry activities in Centro Cultural de España, December 15, 2012
Taught in the Festivals of light arts and crafts component and created interactive educational displays and bookmarks.
Taught various crafts at the Family Sunday, at the National Library of El Salvador in February 2013.

LRC Teaching and Learning Activities
Internet Safety- made videos using morfo focused on the use of internet.
Coordinated the activity treasure hunt in the book week and created interactive educational displays and bookmarks
Coordinated Brain Week and created interactive educational displays and bookmarks.
external image cleardot.gif

New Library Assistant
Doris Ivette Moreno has joined the LRC team as a Library assistant. Her main responsibilities are re-shelving, labeling, covering and stamping
books, and helping with displays. During this time she has organised both non fiction and fiction sections and magazine racks. She has also labelled all books with new labels in Alphabetical order. This has been done to encourage students to re-shelve books in correctly. She has worked on different displays for Book Week and Brain Awareness Week with Hilda Gomez and occasionally helps with student printing.

Events and Displays
Internet Safety Week
Book Week

The following channels are those most frequently used to communicate with the ABC Community and share happenings at the LRC: Facebook, ABC LRC Blog
LRC Website, LRC Twitter, LRCABC Youtube, LRC ABC Flickr. These sites are updated by the LRC Staff members on a regular basis. The LRC newsletter has been discontinued in favour of the LRC Blog and Facebook Page.



Student visits on LRC passes: 1,203. (December 2012-March 2013).

Circulation Reports

The Top Read Books at the ABC


All book and equipment orders have now been completed for the school year. The LRC submited two major book orders, the second one in January of 2013 and added a few magazine subscriptions to the yearly subscription list.

Our equipment receives a lot of wear and tear and items usually need replacing during the school year. Students show little regard for school property, mistreat computer keyboards and mice, take items, and move them around. All computers are now labelled with a station number (using red marker). Fernando is looking into ways to stamp each unit and the desk rails so that the red marker labels can be removed this summer. Several students have been suspended (some longer than others) from the LRC for such offenses.

Auditors in Teaching Spaces
Our teaching rooms continue to be taken up by auditors, usually one per room and often two at the same time. Teachers and students cannot use these resources during these times, that often go on for more than a week. This is a terrible waste of space of resources and can become very frustrating for teachers and students alike. The noise in the LRC is also counter productive to the work the auditors are doing. An appropriate space elsewhere is needed for administrative work.

Food and Drinks
Despite the ban on food, drinks and bags in the LRC, this continues to be a problem. Students sneak food in, leave wrappers and bottles all over the LRC and even stick gum to the furniture upholstered and non-upholstered alike.

LRC Prefects
We have had to address this with those leading the group as students don't always arrive for duty, and often less than vigilant in their duties. Some LRC prefects try to use their duty time for school work and have been spoken to. They are to report to Yensi when arriving for duty and are expected to actively supervise in the LRC during that time. Often, the Prefects are not insistent enough when trying to stop inappropriate behaviour in the LRC. This leads to a lack of respect from other students.

Assistance for Media Work
A digital form has been created for teachers who seek assistance with photography and video projects which are to be created for school purposes. This form was suggested by Judith Shorrocks after noticing a considerable amount of time was being invested by Rodrigo Alfaro in finishing off projects for other staff members. It was established at the onset of his employment, that Rodrigo would be available to assist with video projects and teacher training for multimedia tools. To varying extents this has been the case. Some staff members however, have not invested much of their time in actually learning the tools required to do the job. To avoid creating an unmanageable amount of work for Rodrigo, and to ensure staff members are improving their skills with digital media work, they are now expected to play an active role in their digital media project production. Staff will be required to fill out a Google form checklist prior to embarking on a project. They will be responsible for producing their own videos,with the understanding that Rodrigo will be available for support as needed when an appointment has been made. This type of request must be made at the very least two weeks prior to thee date when the video screening.