Events and Activities Update

Internet Safety Week took place the Week of Febrary 7th. The "Safer Internet Day" focus for this year was Connecting Generations. The ABC adopted this and combined it with its own focus on Achieving a Balance. Tutor time Mini lessons for 6th through 10th grade were revamped and accessed via PageFlakes. Video collections were downloaded whenever possible and collected on the school server, in order to avoid streaming issues. A poster campaign was put together and students helped out by posing for the pictures. Paper versions of these posters can be found around the LRC corridor and will be produced on vinyl for next school year.

Book Week took place during the week of 27 of February. The date was moved to the new year in order to encourage book publishers to attend the book fair. In the past many of the larger publishers ran inventory during our Book Week dates, making it difficult for them to attend. In the end it didn't make much difference. Those same book publishers did not take part in the Book Fair.
The activities that took place during the week can be found on the Planning Document. Photos can be found on the LRC Flickr account as well as the school Picasa account.

Brain Awareness Week(s) took place during the week of March 11th. An interactive display was set up at the back of the LRC for 2 weeks and was used by classes as well as individuals to exercise their brains and learn more about how the brain works as well as how to keep it healthy. Photos from the event can be found in the LRC Flickr account as well as the school Picasa account.

Water Week was celebrated by the placing of interactive displays around the entrance to the LRC. These displays asked the question "How much water was mad to make....?" and included many common food. Answer were placed in pouches next to the pictures. This encouraged students to guess and check and become more aware of how vital water is in their lives. Water Week bookmarks were also produced and put on display for students to take home with them.


On Saturday March 17th The LRC and ICT Committee held the annual T4L or technology for learning morning/
After breakfast, staff were treated to a live keynote session from London, focused on tech trends in education.
Next everyone took part in a speed geeking session. Teachers spent 4 minutes at a station in a circuit of 13, to learn more about powerful T4L tools.Finally, staff members participated in 2 digital playground sessions in which they were able further explore the tools they were most interested in.These were all dynamic learning experience, but what made these sessions even more exciting is that many of them were lead by our ABC students.
Please check out our Flickr Album, Facebook page and ABC LRC Blog. for more on this great event!




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Student Attendance Outside of Lessons:
December 2011-March2012 total: 2008

Professional Development

LRC Staff
  • ISTE Submissions: The LRC Coordinator has submitted the WoW Club project for an Online Learning Award. It has also been submitted to the Social Learning Summit.
  • The Google Academy has accepted the LRC Coordinator's application for certification and she will attend in London during the week of April 1st.

  • Infocbues:The Librarian attended the Presentation on Electronic Resources by La Secretaría de Cultura de la Presidencia a través de su Dirección de Bibliotecas y Plan Nacional de Lectura, el Consorcio de Bibliotecas Universitarias de El Salvador y la Biblioteca Nacional “Francisco Gavidia”: presentación de los recursos electrónicos. There are many resources (databases of ebooks, journals etc..) that our students can access on line as well as in person by utilising them through various universities and organisations here in El Salvador, free of charge. We will promote this with out students through departments as well as the LRC website.
  • The Librarian has been reelected as the President of the Asociación de Bibliotecarios de El Salvador.
  • The Library Assistant participated in the modalidad de cursos de autoformación de la Academia Nacional para Gestores de TIC. She recieved certification in “Recursos de apoyo para el trabajo TIC” after 20 hours of training, finishing on December 16th 2011.
  • The Library Assistant is a participant and regularly posts short articles to the following NIng: Red de colaboración de la Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI) para las Metas Educativas 2012.
  • The Library Assistant is now fulfilling the role of Pro-secretaria de la Asociación de Bibliotecarios de El Salvador

Additional Staff Training:
This has taken place through individual and departmental requests.
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Digital Portfolios: 6th and 7th have worked a great deal on constructing and populating their digital portfolios with examples of work and reflections. 8th grade will do the same later on in the school year, as they already made a start in 7th grade. It is imperative to the success of this initiative that students are encouraged by subject teachers and tutors to revisit their portfolios and build on them.

Scratch: 7th and 8th grade students have worked with Scratch, programming short animations and simple games. These can be viewed in both the ABCICT 2017 and ABCICT Millennium Goal Galleries on the Scratch Website. We are planning to move Scratch to 5th, 6th and 7th for SY12/13 and bring in Android App development in 8th using Google's App Inventor , a project which has been taken over by MIT and is similar in to Scratch in that it uses blocks to program.

Voicethread: 7th grade used Voicethread as part of their research project on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. They researched various points of view, adopted one and spoke for that person in the Voicethread project. Examples of these projects will be displayed on the ABCICT Wiki in the near future.

Sketchup: 8th grade used Sketchup to build 3D constructions which reflected descriptive work they had done in English. The created a room or house as a character's mind, based on characters from Romeo and Juliet. Walk through videos of these models can be found on the LRCABC YouTube Channel as well as in the ABCICT Wiki. Lessons can be found here: Sketchup 1 and Sketchup 2.

Each class in KS3 has worked on research skills this term as part of the following lessons.

6th - 8th

Key Stage 3 ICT Carrousels continue until the end of the 5th cycle. During this time students work on the , production, post production of a digital video and sound track. Links to the various projects can be found here: 6th, 7th, 8th

Extra Curricular Activities

The WoW club has run since January 2012. It was meant to last only 10 weeks but has been extended for a further 10. There are 6 6th grade boys in the club, which meets each Monday after school. It is run by the LRC Coordinator and a 12th grade student. The WoW club has proven very popular with the boys involved. Through this club they are able to work on their reading and reflecting, blogging and gaming strategy skills. Each student also has an individual learning plan as of week 11, in which they have reflected on their work and indicated areas and strategies for improvement.
The project blog contains all the information about the project as well as student work.

Animation Club

Coming Up


Preparation for the Awards is underway, after a general planning meeting held earlier on in the year. The website is being updated and promotion with students will begin shortly.





Learning Lab
The LRC will be supporting a learning lab project for San Vicente which is being sponsored by a NGO in Canada. The LRC Coordinator is involved in the planning process and LRC Staff members will be involved in professional development activities with the teachers from San Vicente, as well as collaborative workshops with both teachers and students.

Santa Tecla Children's Library
The LRC received a visit from the NGO Contextos who are developing this project in conjunction with the Mayor of Santa Tecla and the US Embassy. The LRC has collected a donation of books, mostly in Spanish, most of them new, during book week which will be donated to the library towards the end of April. The LRC will continue to liaise with and support this local library during the course of the year.

Proyecto de Educacion
The LRC received a visit from Regina Benitez and her team from Proyecto de educacion con Fhi 360. this group is planning to build several libraries in different departments, which will act as learning centres for certain designated schools.


The following social media tools continue to be used for communicating with ABC community and the world and are updated frequently.



All Vio and Jollicloud computers are being reinstalled with Windows XP. Jollicloud was great, but once the kids had forgotten their passwords, as many inevitably do, they could not reclaim them as the password reset emails do not get through to our IP address.