LRC Report

March 31, 2011

Events and Activities Update

Lunch on the Lawn LOL concerts have been sporadic during the new year. Students are currently very busy with exam preparation and there have been many extra school events as well, together which are the reason for less performances. Nonetheless, a recording of the show is made when it happens and uploaded to the LRC website.

Festival Week

Festival Week was low key offering nominal displays and thematic book marks for for members of the community.

ABC 40th Anniversary

The 40th anniversary of the ABC was promoted at the LRC through displays made by students and staff members, the production of the Lip Dubb video and the LRC Flickr Gallery.

Internet Safety Week

  • General: The PageFlakes Internet Safety collection has been appropriately updated and includes a variety of resources(generally videos and short activities) for 6th-10th grade. Some of these resources could also be used for 11th and 12th. These are meant to be addressed in Tutor time as short mini lessons which include videos, reflection, discussion and other activities.
  • The videos for each collection can be streamed from the website, but copies of most of them have been placed in shared files for easy access and in order to avoid bandwidth issues.
  • The sixth grade participated in an Internet Safety Poster competition. They will had weeks in which to put together their posters either digitally or manually. Winning posters will become official ABC internet safety posters and be published online as well as made into banners to be placed around the school.
  • Posters of staff and students holding speech and thought bubbles with key phrases were taken and put up around the school for display. Certain examples are being made into the official ABC Internet safety posters. These pics can be accessed from the LRC Flickr and Picasa accounts.


Brain Awareness Week

Picasa and Flickr photo accounts
  • Brain awareness week was focused on through an interactive display at the back of the LRC. The display included information, games, riddles, a great variety of puzzles, recipes, physical tests, and a video loop of close to 30 minutes focusing on the theme. The display and activites were put together and monitored by all members of the LRC team.
  • Staff and students were invited to visit and try out the different activities. Many classes from both Primary and Secondary, made use of the display during the course of the week.
  • Relevant resource for Brain Awareness week have been bookmarked and tagged in a public Diigo List for future reference.

Francophone Week

A medium sized display was set up at the back of the LRC:
Photos of the Week can be found within the LRC Flickr set for the month of March 2011.
  • 10 joining words/phrases for the event this year as well as LRC produced materials.
  • Students aided by adding the many countries involved to the globe.
  • French student work was put on display.
  • French books were put on display.
  • Bookmarks were produced
  • A Francophone Week video loop was produced and displayed on the flat screen in the LRC.

Water Week

A medium sized display was set up on one wall at the back of the LRC:
Photos of the Week can be found within the LRC Flickr set for the month of March 2011.
  • The display included work on water Poems done by the Spanish classes.
  • Additional display materials were set up by the LRC staff.
  • Bookmarks were produced
  • A Water Week video loop was produced and displayed on the flat screen in the LRC.



Accounts and Orders


LRC Account #68.1(Total income from printing and photocopies destined towards printer toner and paper):$818.5
LRC Account total in book fines: $216.1


LRC #68.1 (toner)

LRC #68:

Breakdown and Totals in LRC Budgets from Purchasing
LRC #68 Operating budget(not including final Spanish Fiction book order of $300.10)
LRC Account #68.1 Total deposits from printing and photocopies

Professional Development

LRC Staff

LRC Staff members are encouraged to attend school level Inset as well as, seek out and attend professional development events taking place around Central America.


Professional Development The LRC has begun offering its weekly, sign up training session for teachers again until the remainder of the school year. These sessions will follow up on digital story telling and language learning focuses from previous insets on a sign up basis with later sessions alternating between drop in and sign up as needed . Google sites support will be offered as a drop in session. Individual, departmental and class support has continued consistently through the year and will continue to do so. All sessions will be programmed on the LRC Google Calendar


Digital Portfolios
All students in grades 6-8 worked on creating their digital portfolios, creating pages and adding content during this term. They will continue to do so as the school year progresses.

6th Grade

Students were taught to create their own iGoogle home page as well as pages/tabs for many of their subjects. They learned how to customise pages, with themes and add useful gadgets and RSS feeds to their school blog, ABCICT as well as other sites of personal interest. Students were also allowed to create personalise Fun pages/tabs of their own.
This project started as an ABC unit intended to focus on Global Issue while teaching students about basic audio and video recording, collaborative planning and writing, rap music as a genre, and basic boolean research and google images advanced searches for creative commons content. In the end 2 schools in the USA joined the project, in which students researched a Global issue, wrote rap songs collaboratively,created talking avatars using Blabberize, produced a cut and splice video for the rap song. They then uploaded their work to the project wiki.

7th Grade

The students were introduced to Scratch for the first time in this unit and were given relative freedom in the direction they chose for their project. The projects can be viewed and interacted with ian the ABCICT Scratch Gallery.
This was a collaborative project between the ABC and a School in Colorado in which the students were teamed up with classmates in the partner school and worked on creating a Google Presentation which informed others on a typical day in their lives. Group members created avatars for themselves, wordled key words that described themselves, and shared slides on which they included pictures and a small amount of text that described various moments and activities during a typical day in their lives. Students participated in a formal Skype conference as well as an impromptu one when it was discovered that the other class was also online working on the project at the same time. The formal conference was set up in advanced and Google Forms used to collect ideas for questions and information they wanted to share as well as to volunteer to be a speaker. The info was collected by the teachers in each school and students assigned their set of questions as well as given insight to the possible questions they might be asked.These presentations were uploaded to the teaching wiki.
This unit was intended to teach students how to research a current events topic, in this case the Egyption Crisis, online using a set of guiding questions. Students made use of Diigo to bookmark and annotate web pages socially to Diigo Groups. The unit was also meant to help students examine and better understand all sides of the issue and show empathy by adopting a persona and speaking on behalf of them using VoiceThread. A Google Custom Search pathfinder was created for the project and embedded in the lesson in the teaching wiki. Students spent 3 lessons researching after the introductory lesson. They recorded the answers to their guiding questions on a group Google Doc (some chose text others presentation) and carried on by creating a shared Voicethread for their group in which each member uploaded a picture of their adopted persona and spoke on behalf of them.

8th Grade

This project was a collaborative effort between ICT and French in which students used google advanceed searches, basic boolean to search out information and images on various regions in France. They bookmarked them socially with Diigo groups and commented on the information that was highlighted or placed in sticky notes and comments. Students then used Twitter and Today's Meet to record and share their nuggets of information with others in the group and the grade, in 140 characters or less. This information was backed up in a Google Text Doc and share with the grade. This information was used to write up the presentation plan, the script in French and to create the Prezi presentation.
  • Sketchup
This project was part of a collaborative effort with the English department. Students in English worked on descriptions of a "character's mind as a room". The students used Sketchup to recreate these rooms as 3D models which were then downloaded as models.They also recorded a tour each of their models.


ICT Lessons

All KS3 ICT lessons continue to be held in the LRC. iMacs and Large Seminar B are booked for each one.

Other Lessons

  • The LRC remains heavily booked as a class teaching venue by staff members across departments.
  • Between November 30th 2010 and March 31st 2011 a total of 675 students signed in to use the LRC during regular lessons, using the Library pass system, giving a daily average of students. There are still issues with students not signing in and these are being ironed out by the LRC Staff members in charge of the system. For this reason the statistics for this reporting period are lower than the number of actual visits.
  • Both recording rooms continue to be used heavily.
    • Students book the rooms regularly out of subject lessons for work involving digital audio and video.
    • Teachers frequently book the rooms for digital audio and video work within their subjects, as well as for work on oral exams.

Extra Curricular Activities

There are currently three clubs running out of the LRC:

  • The Reading/Pen Pal Club is run by a member of the English Department and meets once a week to read and discuss books, create digitial projects based on books and share reading experiences with a school in Canada. Discussion occurs on the Reading Club Wiki and projects will be uploaded to the same site.
  • The Reaction Grid Club meets once a week in-world to create 3-D constructions and interact in a virtual world. Students have successfully interacted with other members of the Grid who have visited ABC El Salvador or who they have encountered elsewhere in the grid. The are currently engaged in constructing an avatar amusement park and have worked briefly with embedded scripts produced by others and posted online.
  • Digital Animation Club meets once a week on Thursdays and enables students to explore a series of progressive, hands-on experiments in exploring the optical illusion known as 'persistence of vision'; the main principle behind all animations. Through the use of many different types of materials, students have also made personal, short films which explore the limitless possibilities of the world of animation. They have made their own phenakistoscopes, flipbooks, stamp animations, clay animations, paper cut-out animations, sand animations and have even starred themselves in some pixillation shorts around the school campus.

ABC Oscars

The ABC Oscars will take place on May 25th 2011. This is the ABC's first major, red-carpet event which is intended to recognise digital media work done by students from all around the school.. Information about the event, as well as guidelines, and tutorials can be found on the ABC Oscars Site. Students have begun making use of the installations, green screen, lighting, cameras and other resources in preparation for this event as well as for the Save the Children/Google competition.

Students have responded quite well to the invitation to participate and many are currently working on independent films for this competition. Teachers and other members of staff will be able to submit student work done in lessons as well at a later deadline than work submitted by students on their own.


Digital Media Artist in Residence

Digital Art Wiki-List of Videos Produced 12-1-2010 to 3-31-2011
(Please note that this wiki was created prior to our discussion about sites.)

The ABC Animation Club Reel 1

Founder's Cup 2010 Highlights Video

40th Anniversary Lipdub Music Video

Parent's Preview Night for Pre-Kinder

ABC Diving Showcase 3-24-11

ABC Promotional Video

ABC Oscars 2011 Preview

ABC Teacher's Inset Video: SMART Boards & Mimios

Additional Videos which we cannot upload due to size or copyright concerns
  • ABC Recruitment Video (spanish dub)*
  • Kalopsia Video Doc. (available at SharedDocuments and StudentShared Documents)
  • Weekly Compilation Videos for LRC (Internet Safety Week, Brain Week, Science Week, Semaine de la Francophonie, Water Week)
  • Mrs. Taylor’s Reading Assembly (available at SharedDocuments)
  • Mrs. Mena’s Friendship Assembly (available at SharedDocuments)
  • TOK Videos for Marc Starr

Work With Students
Class work
  • 6th grade: splice, record and dub videos for __A Better World Project__
  • 7th Grade: French Animations*
  • 8th Grade Book Projects*
  • Science 8th grade stop motion animations on water*
  • Spanish 8th grade book videos*

    • ABC Animation Club: Thursdays 2pm-3pm
    • Digital Art Club: Mondays 2pm-3pm

Additional Student Support
    • Technical assistance with Green Screen for Miguel Purgimon’s production crew. (TecnologiaSi competition)
    • Documenting TOK presentation for Ana Danielle Quan Fúnes’ university submission portfolio.

Work with Teachers

Donna Snowden - Assistance, editing audio with Garageband for Irish Dance Presentation. Irish Dance Concert Video Documentation*
Natalia Sol - Assistance with Flyer Design for Anti-Drug Conference
John Rowan - Assistance, editing audio with Garageband for Kalopsia
Silvia Serrano - Assistance with filming underwater footage for lipdub, creation of ABC 40 letters.
Carmen Chavez - Assistance with digitizing art students’ works, as well as teaching support for the Digital Art Club
Luis Argueta- International Year of Science 2011: Water video/animations *
Silvia Escobar- French culture & lifestyle animations*
Jennifer Garcia - LOL setup & video renders for LOL performances, planning for 6th grade A Better World Collaborative Project , 7th Grade French/ICT animations and 8th grade Book trailers, planning and preparation of the Digital Oscars Site, and planning for the competition : structure, design and set up, award design and judging.
Sue Pogson - Assiting, recording coursework audio for Grade 10; documentation of 2010 Christmas Carols Concert.
Julie Emmerson, Giles Whittaker -planning for recording and compilation of media for The International Year of Chemistry 2011 video

*Means that the planning has taken place and video work begins the first week of April.

LRC/ICT Office

The ICT department now shares the room which was the LRC storage/workroom. Construction of furniture and shelving is almost complete. Internet is a major issue in this area and we have had to have the office cabled.



  • One additional book order(s) was placed in March, for a small collection of Spanish language fiction books.
  • LRC 68 and 68.1 was used to finance it, as there was no additional funding providing during SY2010/11 for book purchases.
  • The Scholastic book orders have been suspended for review following a great many shipping issues during the last order. These issues were invoice and packaging related and lead to a delay of several months in the arrival of almost half the orders.


  • The Questia Database subscription has been updated for students in 10th -12th grade. and their respective teachers. The subscription is currently up for review and a a decision to renew this subscription for sy 2011/12 will be subject to the outcome of this review.
  • Many LRC magazine subscriptions were not renewed by the purchasing officer due to a misunderstanding. Of the 164 online and/or print magazines and journals only 30 have been renewed so far. It is anticipated that pending subscriptions will need to be newly activated once operating budgets are cleared for SY2011/12


Newsletters and Reports

A monthly newsletter continues to be written by the LRC Coordinator as a means of communicating with the larger community. This newsletter is sent out at the end of each month and posted on the LRC Website.


The LRC continues to build its facebook presence at ABC Learning Resources Centre. The idea behind this is to provide updates in addition to the LRC Website and Twitter stream using a social network that most students, teachers and parents utilise already. All LRC Staff members have admin access to the Facebook account and are expected to keep it updated as regularly as possible.


The LRC will approach its new local school partner in Canton las Delicias, San Juan Opico, which has requested help in building their primary school library. The Spanish language books donated during Book Week in both Primary and Secondary, are destined for this library as books purchased from the proceeds from the read-a-thon.


Displays continue to be updated regularly and pin boards have been placed in key locations around the LRC.



Inappropriate gaming in the LRC is still an issue with students. Students that are caught breaking the rules are issued a warning. A second offense results in that student being banned from the LRC for a period of one week, outside of lesson times. This system when combined with a greater level of supervision at breaks and lunches as well as monitoring using screen sharing, and appropriate signage, has greatly reduced the playing of arcade games in the LRC. Students are encouraged to show members of staff games they would like to play in order to establish whether or not they require a acceptable level of strategic thinking. The names of these games are then posted on a column in the LRC for students to see.


The LRC is supported by student prefects at lunch times and before school, in a move to assure that students are properly signed in and making best use of their time in the facility.



Internet connections in the LRC have been have continued to fluctuate a great deal between between November 2010 and March 2011, and been especially poor during March.

Catalogue Search

The new catalog search and scanning centre has proved very useful for both students and staff members.


  • Both older printers, Laser jet 3600 colour printer and HP laser 4550 black and white printer, malfunction constantly. The new colour laser printer which is capable of printing on tabloid paper, but very heavy on toner has become the main printer for the LRC. That said students are still only able to print from the iMacs directly to the black and white printer. Any additional printing must be emailed to an LRC staff member and is printed on a first come first server basis.
  • The circulation area and the photocopier has now been moved to the front of the LRC in the study carrel area.
  • Two new scanners have been added to the LRC which are plug and play models. One has been set up on the new catalog search table for easy access by students and teachers, while the other is located inside the LRC/ICT Office for easy access by teachers and other staff members. .
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