LRC Report st March 31st, 2010

Events and Activities Update

Lunch on the Lawn
LOL continues to be a successful project run by the LRC and Music departments. The show is live streamed over the LRC channel at ustream. Each week* a recording of the show is made and uploaded to the LRC website. Future plans involve students from other areas of the arts as well as a continued focus on music.

*Except when other activities require the use of the sound system.

Whole School Internet Safety Week
Internet safety week took place during the week of February 8th.
It was a great success and very timely in that several weeks later, student online safety issues came to light that needed dealing with. A program of mini lessons was planned for each grade from 6th to 10th to be delivered in form time and each grade received a special assembly during the week which focused on web presence. Facebook privacy was a major focus for the week and students were given time to adjust their settings in ICT lessons. The 6th grade Internet Safety unit coincided with this week, and the students are currently working on podcasts which are meant to teach others about staying safe online.

The links for the Internet Safety Week lessons can be found in the Online Lessons section of the ABCICT wiki.
The student podcasts will be uploaded to the ABCICT Gabcast channel and linked off of the ABCICT Podcast page.

Poetry Week
Poetry week was canceled this year and will now be undertaken as a part of Book/Theatre week. We will need to find a new name for this whole school activity which will now encompass a celebration of reading, drama and poetry.

LRC Furnishing
Beanbags, t.v stand, tables and shelving have been added to the LRC. The beanbags are very popular with the students who claim they are the best investment yet. Additional shelving and tables have also been added for display and storage purposes.

Sony Vios
9 Vios have been added to the LRC. These machines are older and run Ubunto. They have aided a great deal by increasing the non Mac collection to 18, and have been added to the booking system. These machines are popular with the students and have managed the demand put on them so far. One of the Vios has been set up to run the library catalogue and brief online searches exclusively.

Application for the 2010 SIGOL Online Learning Award Competition
The LRC Coordinator has applied for this award based on an 8th grade research unit from CAL one.

(We need to revise our report system as there are some discrepancies between both reports.)


Accounts and Orders

LRC Account #68.1
Total Income from printing and photocopies and destined towards toner: $857.4

LRC Account #68
Total income from book fines: $377.65

Bodega Report on Expenditures from both #68 and #68.1
No. Cuenta
Total en $
68 S
68.1 S

Total Expenditure from #68 (does not include any transactions put through the purchasing officer. That data is not available at present):

Professional Development The LRC hosts a weekly, sign up training session for teachers interested in learning and incorporating new technologies into their professional lives. These sessions have not been attended well during the second half of the year. We may need to target certain groups for certain training sessions in SY 2010/11. The dates and descriptions for each session can be found on the LRC Calendar.


Applications and Web 2.0:
  • iMovie: ICT 8th Movie Trailors and Mrs. Sol's English group
  • Garageband: ICT 6th and 7th in conjunction with English
  • Scratch: 7th and 8th Grade ICT
  • Presentation Reform and Google Presentations: 6th Grade
  • Google Documents: 6th and 7th Grade
  • Blogs: Spanish
  • Wikis: Reading Club and Music Website
  • Diigo: 7th PE Project- the World Cup and 8th ICT Rain forests of Brazil research
  • SimplyBox: 6th grade research
  • Ning: 8th grade ICT focus on Forums
  • Prezi: 8th Grade ICT Rain forest projects

ICT Lessons in the LRC
All KS3 ICT lessons continue to be held in the LRC. iMacs and Large Seminar B are booked for each one.

Other Lessons
  • The LRC remains heavily booked as a class teaching venue by staff members across departments.
  • Between December 1st 2009 and March 31st 2010, a total of 1398 students signed in to use the LRC during regular lessons, using the Library pass system and after school.
  • Both recording rooms have been heavily used since the addition of the new iMac in recording room A .
    • Students book the rooms regularly out of subject lessons for work involving digital audio and video.
    • Teachers frequently book the rooms for digital audio and video work within their subjects, as well as for work on oral exams.
Other Projects
  • The LRC YouTube Channel is still in use for uploading student work, tutorials and LOL videos.
  • The ABCICT Wiki has grown immensely. Visual tutorials in the wiki are used in most ICT lessons and it serves to link together archives of student work, lessons, homework, tutorials and more.
  • The ABCICT Channel has been created at Gabcast to facilitate the uploading, and sharing of audio files.
  • The LRC Website continues to be the main portal,is regularly updated and includes Twitter and Voki messaging streams.


  • The Book Order has arrived and is being processed. Cataloging is progressing slowly and older collections have been put on hold in order to make way for the newer items.
  • In initial order has been drawn up for sy2010/11. The focus for this order is predominantly fiction, with some purchases reflecting requests by departments and/or replacements for non-fiction items and student requests.
  • The Scholastic book order has taken place three times (one being the book fair)during sy09/10 and will remain a quarterly event for sy09/10(including the Scholastic Book Fair which will take place during book week). These book orders have been taken on with enthusiasm by staff and students. Not only do they provide for reasonably priced student owned books, but they also contribute to the LRC collection through the coupon and point system.
  • The Second book order was placed through the Scholastic Book Fair* System and arrived the week after Book Week. The books were to be put on sale at the Christmas Fair, very few were sold and were instead added to the LRC Collection.
  • The LRC now owns several copies of certain books, which will be used for book studies in reading groups. Additional collections are being ordered as needed.

Paid subscriptions
  • Questia subscription has come up for renewal once again. We are polling staff members as to its usage in order to determine whether or not it will be renewed. Students in 12th grade Humanities have voiced there support of Questia. They are strongly in favour of us keeping it.
  • Noodlebib has been used again in CAL 2 ICT for work with research. We will discontinue our subscription when it comes up for renewal and switch to Easytbib, a similar free web application.

LRC Committee,Staff and

The LRC Committee held two meetings in the New Year, to go over library initiatives in the action plan. A followup meeting is to be held towards the end of the school year. LRC Staff members hold meetings as needed. Minutes of these meetings are kept on the LRC Google Site.

Newsletters and Reports
A monthly newsletter continues to be written by the LRC Coordinator as a means of communicating with the larger community. This newsletter is sent out at the end of each month and posted on the LRC Website.

The LRC will continue to support a small community located in Distrito Italia,Tonacatepeque, North of San Salvador. The parents in this community are trying to build a small library, to help their children in their schooling. Any donated books which are appropriate or charity funds will be directed towards this community.

Displays continue to be updated regularly and pin boards have been placed in key locations around the LRC. As of March 2010 photographs of LRC Displays are being uploaded to the LRC Flickr Stream.

The columns in the LRC are being covered with pin board foam, to better enable staff and students to use them for display. The column directly in front of Large Seminar A is reserved for the use of Amnesty International students and teachers.
An additional display board has been placed outside of Large Seminar A for Careers displays.


Gaming in the LRC has proved an issue this year with the arrival of the new 6th grade. During the orientation sessions, it was explained to students what acceptable gaming was. This continued to be an issue which lead to the creation of the LRC Card system. This system when combined with a greater level of supervision at breaks and lunches as well as monitoring using screen sharing, has greatly reduced the playing of arcade games in the LRC. Two large posters were placed on the columns to aid students in understanding which games are and are not acceptable for play in the LRC. Students are encouraged to show members of staff games they would like to play in order to establish whether or not they require a acceptable level of strategic thinking. The names of these games are then posted on a column in the LRC for students to see.

Additional Supervision
Prefects as well as one member of the duty team, have been assigned to aid in supervising during breaks and lunches. Student commitment has improved from last year. A register is kept of those prefects who do cover this duty. The LRC has supplied prefects with guidelines for the job.


We have had some issues with Glifos this term, often related to IT changes here at school. Most of the time support has been good, but these problems have lead to several days in which the system could not be used properly.

Internet connections in the LRC have been somewhat strong and consistent between December and March, although there have been times at which the system has apparently been saturated.

The Laser jet 3600 colour printer in the LRC has been fixed. The black and white printer continues to function and the new colour laser printer is working well. The new printer has been placed in the centre of the circulation area and the photocopier has now been moved to the LRC Office/Workroom. Once the circulation work table has been built this printer will be moved to a different location within the LRC.

Printing of colour documents continues to be restricted to the circulation desk. Paper for printing is paid for in advance. This has helped to cut down on the number of wasted or unpaid for copies. A record of all printing is kept by LRC staff members.
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