Jennifer Garcia-LRC Coordinator and ICT Teacher

  1. continues to support teaching and learning across subjects through digital initiatives.
  2. continues to teach KS3 ICT.
  3. has actively sought out and forged new global connections in both Primary and Secondary, with partner schools and associations, through her PLN and conferences.
  4. is now a Google Certified Teacher.
  5. Is an active member of ISTE.

Rodrigo Alfaro-Digital Media Specialist and ICT Teacher:

  1. has become an integral member of the LRC and ICT Departments and regularly team teaches lessons involving digital media.
  2. Regularly supports staff and students in the planning and production of digital media projects and offers general ICT support.
  3. Teaches animation lessons through the extracurricular ABC Animation Club

Yensi Vides- Librarian

  1. Yensi continues as the president of ABES for 2012.
  2. Is a member of IFLA, ABES and ALA library associations.

Hilda Gomez- Assistant Librarian:

  1. is now a qualified teacher having finished her degree earlier in the school year.
  2. Is a member of ABES and ALA library associations.

PD this year

  1. PD has been by request and through proposed project work, often at an individual level. The ICT Saturday morning was a huge success and one of two large scale ICT/LRC PD event this year.
  2. A second large scale ICT/LRC PD event was held for ABES members of which 61 attended. The focus was Google Apps for Libraries. The event was arranged by the Librarian and President of ABES and the Assistant Librarian and ABES Assistant Secretary. The sessions were given by the LRC coordinator.
  3. Digital video PD sessions were proposed and scheduled with little uptake and were soon cancelled.

Jennifer Garcia:

  1. attended the Google Academy in London and was awarded Google Certified Teacher Status.
  2. attended ISTE during June of 2011 and will attend June 2012, in both cases as an attendee and presenter.
  3. co-presented "The A Better World Project" at the Global Education online Conference
  4. co-presented "Wow We're Reading, Reflecting and Working as a Team! " at the Classroom 2.0 Social Learning Conference where the co-presenter was a 12th grade ABC student.
  5. engages continuous development done through online resources, webinars and networks.

Hilda Gomez:

  1. attended VII International and National Catalogues III in Argentina.

  1. was awarded a Scholarship for the Online course: Indicators for Public Library Foundation - German Sánchez Ruipérez of Spain.
  2. attended the Access and Freedom of Expression on the Internet.congress
  3. participated in two International Storytelling Network projects through the Stories to Change the World Project, organized by the International Storytelling each June 21st from Spain and Libraries and Recycling: Centro Cultural de España en El Salvador.
  4. writes for an online library journal, The Organisation of Ibero-American States (OEI) Network ,on a regular basis.
  5. is a Member of the American Library Association ALA.
  6. sits on the Board of the Library Association of El Salvador ABES as Assistant Secretary
  7. completed the National Academy of Science & ICT Colombia online course.
  8. participated in El Salvador’s first writer’s workshop with Children’s Literature-Margarita Robleda of Mexico,
  9. is a Member of Club Salvadoran writers of Children’s Literature.
  10. has participated in the Salvadoran librarian's cultural week in the Strategic Alliances Conference, Corte Suprema de Justicia Library and Memory of the World UNESCO, Francisco Gavidia National Library of El Salvador.
  11. participated in Google Apps for libraries in the Academia Britanica Cuscatleca.

Yensi Vides:

  1. attended and presented Librarianship in El Salvador.
    1. at the IFLA-Building Strong Library Associations Workshop in
    2. Panama
  2. attended the 77th IFLA World Library and Information Congress Libraries Beyond Libraries: Integration, Innovation and Information for All. In Puerto Rico
  3. representative in El Salvador Easy Reading Project
  4. representative of Casero del Libro project in El Salvador
  5. online assistance at International Symposium of Electronic Book, in National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico
  6. online assistance the 6th Meeting Cataloging and Metadata, Mexico.
  7. online assistance workshop Web tools 2.0 Puerto Rico University
  8. organized Salvadoran Librarian Cultural Week 2012, which achieved the attendance of over 370 librarians.
  9. coordinator and speaker at the Forum “Strengthening the Library Association of El Salvador”
  10. motivational speaker for librarianship students at the National University “To be or not be an information professional”
Rodrigo Alfaro:

  1. has coordinated video projects across departments as well as across LP and UP; often simultaneously.
  2. has provided professional development for staff members in the area of digital media work, usually on an individual basis, in both Primary and Secondary schools.
  3. coordinated the creation of the ABC DVA 2012 awards along with a committee of contributors from Primary and Secondary. This included the design and creation of the awards (made in-house) as well as the compilation of the DVA programme.


  1. The LRC received several new cameras, tripods and other AV equipment this year. Some of these items are to be replaced or supplemented for SY2012/13 depending on wear and tear and demand.
  2. New imacs are needed for sy2012/13 in order to effectively leverage the updates of the current applications we currently use as well as newer applications that are only available for the latest iMac Operating system.
  3. Noise is a continuous problem in the LRC. Classes cannot be run back to back in seminar rooms for this reason, while staff and students find it difficult to study and read in the facility. Video work is seriously affected by the noise levels, as a result the majority of the several hundreds of videos produced here each SY are of poor sound quality.Large groups of 2 or more classes at a time should be discouraged from utilizing seminar rooms in the LRC, as it makes it very difficult for others to use the building. redesignation of the various rooms and areas is needed in order to make more effective use of them.

Curriculum changes

  1. Poraora was introduced to the 6th grade for work with internet safety and working in virtual worlds. It has replaced Whyville and will move to 5th grade next sy.
  2. The creative carrousel which was introduced this year focused on video production and was awarded academic grades.
  3. The new 6th grade students have a stronger grasp of Google Docs after having been taught to use it in 5th grade.
  4. Digital Portfolio work has become more prominent and is now supported by other departments.
  5. Reaction Grid has been used heavily in 7th grade as the basis for the 7th grade unit on building in 3D virtual worlds, through creating an environmentally sustainable homestead. This has been undertaken as a collaborative build by the entire grade.
  6. World of Warcraft club has been a great success as an afterschool club. Students improved their reading, writing and critical thinking skills through parallel game play and novel study.
  7. Minecraft was piloted after school and will be used next year as a vehicle for teaching about 3d construction in virtual worlds with 6th grade next sy.

Development plan comments on this year

  1. Cataloging:
    1. DVD’s are not yet cataloged but will be for sy2012/13, with a copy of each available for checking out by students and staff.
  2. LRC clubs have grown to include World of Warcraft and two animation clubs, as well as support for the Reading club.
  3. The LRC is currently supporting local initiatives including:
    1. The Santa Tecla Children’s Library in conjunction with English
    2. ABES training
    3. Local teacher training in EdTech (San Vicente) *The action plan is ready for implementation during sy2012/13
  4. Cross curricular initiatives have grown between the LRC, Spanish Humanities and English. Teachers and students are developing as risk takers and embracing the potential of tech in their teaching and learning.
  5. Student edtech toolkits are fuller and sounder than ever as skills with and exposure to these tools have moved down into 5th and 6th grade from 7th and 8th, with more being adopted by 5th grade this coming school year.
  6. Global Awareness has been worked into Life Skills and ICT lessons, through collaborative work with other schools, research on current events and global issues and collaborative work within the school.

Final Reports:
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LRC Pass Visits 6554 students were signed in with LRC Passes outside of lessons, between August 2011 and June 2012.