Headmaster's Report sy2009-10

Internal Professional Development

Staff and student training on the use of web 2.0 and other technologies for teaching and learning has taken place all year long. While much of this training has been offered in class, and departmental groupings, a great deal of time has been dedicated to individual teachers as well as through Thursday sessions. The following areas were the focus of in house training this year (separate sessions outside of ICT lessons were held for class groups on many of the following):

Individual Department Support Sessions
  • Blogs (Edublogs and Blogger): Spanish Dept
  • Toondoo: French and Spanish
  • Pixton: French and Spanish
  • iMovie: 8th grade English
  • Google Sites: French
  • Animoto: Art
Thursday Sessions
  1. Google maps and Google earth
  2. Google Sites
  3. Second Life virtual field trips
  4. WhyVille
  5. podcasting GarageBand
  6. podcasting Audacity
  7. social bookmarking SimplyBox
  8. presentations Prezi
  9. Glogster
  10. Voicethread
  11. Animoto
  12. Twitter
  13. Pageflakes
Attendance at these sessions petered off as the year went on and no additional sessions, although planned, were offered after the Easter break.
We will restructure our approach for SY10/11 by targeting subjects for training based on their year plans and departmental needs.

Professional Associations and Workshops

Salvadoran Library Association
  • During the week of May 22nd, the LRC celebrated Salvadoran Librarian's Week. The Librarian, who is also the president of ABES was heavily involved in the official proceedings.
  • On Saturday 22nd the LRC hosted a workshop for members of the Library Association of El Salvador on how to use Google Apps. The session was run by the LRC Coordinator in conjunction with the LRC Librarian.The session was a great success and very positive feedback was obtained through Google Forms.
  • As part of Salvadoran Librarian's Week, the assistant librarian attended a 3 day workshop on cataloging using the Marc 21 system.
  • The LRC Coordinator submitted a digital learning project to ISTE as part of a competition for online learning. The project came in second place and brought with it a free ISTE membership, the conference registration fee for ISTE 2010 Denver as well as the opportunity to present a poster session at ISTE 2010 Denver.
  • The LRC Coordinator will also be presenting some of the digital storytelling work done at the ABC this year, during a l Smackdown session at ISTE 2010 Denver.
  • The Library Assistant entered a competition to attended a workshop in Guatemala on Alfabetizaci├│n Informacional: habilidades y estrategias para profesionales de bibliotecas p├║blicas. She won free attendance at the conference, which took place during the 9th-13th of November.

Professional Affiliations
  • Both the Librarian and the Library assistant hold active memberships with ABES.
  • The Librarian holds an active membership with the ALA.
  • The LRC Coordinator holds an active membership with ISTE.


Book Orders
  • A major book order took place this year, both focusing on fictional texts as well as special requests by teachers and students. The order for sy2010/11 focuses on fictional texts as well, but includes suitable non-fiction based on departmental requests. This order also includes a substantial number of Play Away audio book devices and we are considering the purchase several Kindles in the near future. An additional order will be placed later in the year, which take into account special the needs of departments.
  • The LRC has run the Scholastic Book Club for yet another year and 3 successful orders have been placed this year. A fourth order was intended, but was canceled due to a backlog in shipping from the previous order. We hope to avoid such problems in the future with the appointment of the new purchasing officer. Through this program, the has been able to build up its collection, by way of a point and coupon system. This will continue next year at a rate of 4 orders a year. The dates will be placed on the LRC calendar.
  • During sy2009/10 the LRC did not institute a Birthday Book Badge system as we were hoping to go through Scholastic online for this. We will instead institute the system early on in SY10/11 through Amazon. This program will offer families the option to purchase a book for the LRC. A card (birthday badge) will be adhered the inside cover in commemoration of the birthday donation.
Example Badge


Magazines and Journals
  • Subscriptions were reviewed earlier in the school year, and those that are not put to use were cut from the list.
Used Book Weeding
  • Books were weeded during the week of December 6th. Staff from different departments removed books deemed inappropriate or past their prime from the shelves.
Audio Visual Equipment
  • A complete inventory of audio visual equipment within the LRC and departments was completed during the first half of the school year. The details of staff members who have borrowed departmental equipment have been recorded and all equipment is to be returned to the LRC for safe storage during the summer holidays.
  • LRC specific equipment is stored in a central locker within the building and booked out to staff and students through the booking system. This equipment is properly cataloged in the Glyfos system and items are checked out using ID bar codes.

  • The LRC Website created and administrated by the Director of Studies and the LRC Coordinator, has grown further since the beginning of the school year, housing an enormous amount of information and resources for teachers and students. The Website is used a great deal for ICT based projects, and would appear to be viewed/used world wide.
  • The ABCICT Wiki was created to house examples of student produced digital projects, online lessons and tutorials as well as links for lessons. It is the the main teaching resource for KS3 ICT. This growing collection of student work and teaching resources will be added to during sy2009/10.
  • ABCICTVertical houses all KS3 curriculum plans with whole school plans in the process of being added.
  • The LRC Site is used to record staff meetings and LRC Committee meetings as well as links to reports and event planning meetings. This site will also house the action plan for sy10/11.
  • A monthly newslettercontinues to be written by the LRC Coordinator as a means of communicating with the larger community. This newsletter is sent out to Secondary School parents at the end of each month and posted on the LRC Website.

Development plans - report on 09-10
  • The additional carpeting, furniture for work areas, as well as for housing books, Play Aways and DVDs are all in place. Plans for ICT/LRC office/work area furnishings are being finalised.
  • a Smartboard is in place in Large Seminar B.
  • The majority of objectives on the LRC Action plan for sy09/10 have been completed. Those initiatives that were not initiated have been reviewed by the LRC Committee and will, if deemed appropriate, be incorporated into the action plan for sy2010/11. These are to include: student produced digital book reviews, book clubs, birthday book badges, the continued development of a research skills program, and possibly the creation of a monthly news show in conjunction with the Spanish Department.

  • Theatre Week/Book Week, Internet Safety Week and Earth Week were very successful and will take place in sy2010/11 as whole school events, run by a committee of interested teachers and librarians and the LRC Coordinator. Poetry Week was discontinued in Secondary this year as it was felt that there was little support for it. Dates have been set for the upcoming school year to include each of these events separately including Poetry Week, and will be supported by departments. These dates will be placed on the LRC calendar.
  • Photo Albums of LRC Events and related displays continue to be updated regularly and pin boards have been placed in key locations around the LRC. As of March 2010 photographs of LRC Displays are being uploaded to the LRC Flickr Streamas well as the LRCABC Picasa account.

  • The profile of reading in the Secondary school has continued to rise during the current school year. In great part this can be attributed to the large injection of fiction books LRC received earlier in the year. The promotion of reading by departments has been another main factor as well as the various book/reading related events that have taken place during the school year.
  • The LRC Order for sy10/11 s now complete, the focus of which are Spanish and English fiction, multiple copies of popular books, and playaways/audio books.
  • There is a great need to focus on Spanish fiction and promoting the joy of reading in Spanish. This will be reflected in future book orders, which in turn should help us to foster an interest and student habits in this area.
  • Regular displays by the librarian and assistant help to promote reading in general, as well as certain collections of books.
  • Further motivation to read is provided by the thematic book marks which the LRC produces on a monthly (occasionally weekly) basis. These popular bookmarks are provided free of charge to staff and students in the Secondary school and are on display at the circulation desk.
  • Book clubs/reading circles are a priority for sy2010/11 and will further the promotion of reading within the school.

Curriculum Development

Digital Projects
  • Project work involving audio, digital photos and video projects has increased within the LRC this school year. now that students and teachers are more comfortable with working with multimedia, many of these projects have been taken on by subjects independently,as well as in conjunction with the LRC an ICT. Some of the applications used : iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes, iPhoto and Photobooth as well as audacity and moviemaker. The recording rooms and audiovisual equipment were heavily used by students and teachers working on digital projects inside and outside of class time.
Vertical Curriculum
  • One cross over activity for the coming school year is planned based on the work done this year in Primary and Secondary ICT. An ICT level, video awards ceremony is planned for September 2010, for students in the new KS3 and 9th grade to celebrate the work done in this area during sy09/10. The new 5th grade will also be invited to attend so that they experience the kind of work they will be engaging in during the year.
  • The KS3 ICT Curriculum which is delivered in the LRC, has been revamped and Web 2.0 is now very much a focus in 6th to 8th grade. The Schemes of work will be redesigned for sy10/11 as a result of a vertical curriculum review meeting between Primary and Secondary. Several ICT topics and skills that were part of the Secondary Curriculum will now take place in grades 4 and 5, thereby giving the students the basic skills in these area, which will allow them to be put to good use in Secondary, and built upon. Cross Curricular Links and Life Skills(web fluency) have been driving forces in the ICT curriculum and will continue to play a large part. Further initiatives for KS3 ICT and other departments are planned for sy2010/11.
Web 2.0
Web Safety and Fluency
  • Web Safety Week was punctuated by a series of web based mini-lessons and assemblies which were taken on in tutor time from 6th to 10th grade. The resources for this work are published on the LRC PageFlakes Site, to provide easy access for teachers and students. The lessons have also been linked from the Online Lessons page of the ABCICT wiki.
  • Students have also worked a great deal with web fluency and web ethics including search skills, cyber safety and social networking in both ICT and Life Skills lessons. The ABC Web Fluency scheme is up to date and used for the teaching of these skills. It can be accessed directly from the ABC Web Fluency Wiki.
  • The creation of a research program of study was a focus this school year. In order to improve student research skills two different initiatives were planned and undertaken.
10th Grade Research Project
This project was jointly developed by the English Department, the Director of Studies and LRC Coordinator. It was meant to support and improve student online research work, teaching them searching skills. web evaluation and social bookmarking and note taking skills. The program was created using PageFlakes and guiding questions related directly to current literature studies. The delivery of the program was taken on by the Curriculum Coordinator and LRC Coordinator.

Issues with the project: problems with poor connectivity on the laptops, led to issues connecting to the resources, and resulted in wasted time and frustration.
Positive Outcomes: students learned how to navigate in PageFlakes, work within a learning network, bookmark online, and search out relevant websites efficiently and evaluate websites.

9th Grade Research Project
This project was a joint endeavor between the Humanities department, the Director of Studies and the LRC Coordinator.
The focus of the project was to teach citation skills within a relevant context. The Humanities dept provided topics and guiding questions, as well as some relevant resources. The remaining resources were compiled by the Director of Studies and LRC Coordinator. Guidelines and exercises for the creation of in text citations and bibliographies were added to the resource collections and the entire project was put on line on the ABC Research Guidelines Google Site by the Director of Studies. Delivery of the sessions was taken on by the Humanities teachers, the Life Skills teachers and the Director of Studies.

Issues with the project: the Humanities staff need to be more engaged in the actual process and the final product, with common expectations across the subjects. This caused confusion amongst the students. This will be worked on for next year.
Positive Outcomes: the students definitely gained some awareness of how to use Questia, how to cite sources and successfully engaged in their research questions.
The website has been developed further as a consequence of a review of the exercise and the project will be run again next year.

  • PowerPoint reform was reinforced this school year with 6th to 8th grades, who were taught how to create and and present effectively. The ABC Presentation Guidelines been adopted Secondary School wide.
  • Prezi has been introduced to students in the 8th grade as an alternative to PowerPoint type presentations. Students using Prezi are less prone to adding too much text and reading through a presentation which makes for more dynamic presentations and aids them in adhering to our Presentation Guidelines.
Digital Portfolios
  • The school did not use Mahara as a digital portfolio system this school year, instead, after much deliberation between Google sites and wikispaces as options the decision was made to go with the wiki format. Wikispaces allowed for a greater variety of web 2.0 widgets to be embedded and it is felt that this greater flexibility will serve to enhance student wiki experiences and enrich the content of their individual sites. Students will use their wikifolios to compile and reflect on collections of their best work periodically.
Virtual Trips
  • There are plans are still in place to expand teaching and learning into the area of virtual field trips in sy2009/10 utilising web applications such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Second Life and Whyville. During sy2009/10, WhyVille was used to successfully 6th grade about virtual worlds. Happily, bandwidth was not a major issue as it was the previous year. Google Maps and Earth were taught as part of a Geography initiative to 6th grade. Students used the two applications to plan, describe and illustrate a virtual field trip in El Salvador.
Online Subscriptions
  • The subscription for Noodlebib will be discontinued and the free version of EasyBib adopted. This decision was taken for two reasons. While Noodlebib provides several services, it was felt that we were not making optimal use of it, nor needed to. EasyBib is sufficient for our present needs. Students also need to understand how to cite with the MLA system without relying on the citations being done for them
  • Questia was renewed for another year after soliciting a great deal of feedback from students and teachers on it. This will be a test year for it to see if staff and students make good use of it. There will be an effort to promote it strongly and depending on the outcome a final decision will be made as to whether or not it will be renewed again. has been purchased so as to facilitate research and citation work. Training for Questia has taken place for students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 this year.
Global Connections
  • In November, Skype was used to link up a 7th grade form with a 7th grade class in Jacksonville, Florida. Only one session was held in which the students in each school shared a particular topic, Jacksonville discussed Hanuka, and the ABC students shared their favourite things about El Salvador, using a Google Docs presentation that they put together.
  • LOL continues to be a successful project run by the LRC and Music departments. Due to lack of audience however, the show is no longer live streamed over the Live at the LRC channel at ustream. Recordings are still uploaded to the LRC YouTube channel and embedded in the LRC Website.


ICT in the LRC
  • All KS3 ICT lessons are being held in the LRC. iMacs and Large Seminar B are booked for each one.
  • The LRC remains heavily booked as a class teaching venue.
  • Students often book space in the LRC to work independently and in groups on digital projects.
Meetings, Gatherings and Expositions
  • Students, teachers and parents often book areas of the LRC for meetings.
  • The Primary Art Exposition was set up in the LRC the last week of May
  • TOK used the LRC for an exposition earlier in the school year.
  • The Pompeii project will culminate in the LRC with student displays and presentations as well as lunch.
  • The LRC will be used for open evening to display student digital work for parents.
  • Various other social functions have been held at the LRC during the course of the year.
  • Throughout the year there are regular displays reflecting secondary school and whole school themes. The Librarian and Library Assistant are in charge of creating these displays. Most themes are displayed in the large seating area at the back of the LRC, others are posted on smaller boards or on tables in different areas. The library staff has tried to make displays interactive whenever possible and vary the presentation style of each. Students tours from different sections of the school are encouraged for larger displays. Examples of these displays can be found within the LRC Picasa and Flickr accounts. - please amplify
Library Pass Visits
  • The LRC had received 3155 visits from students using the LRC Library Pass system as of May 31st, 2009. This does not include class group visits.
  • Gaming in the LRC has proved an issue this year with the arrival of the new 6th grade. During the orientation sessions, it was explained to students what acceptable gaming was. This continued to be an issue which lead to the creation of the LRC Card system. This system when combined with a greater level of supervision at breaks and lunches as well as monitoring using screen sharing, has greatly reduced the playing of arcade games in the LRC. Two large posters were placed on the columns to aid students in understanding which games are and are not acceptable for play in the LRC. Students are encouraged to show members of staff games they would like to play in order to establish whether or not they require a acceptable level of strategic thinking. The names of these games are then posted on a column in the LRC for students to see.
Additional Supervision
  • Prefects as well as one member of the duty team, have been assigned to aid in supervising during breaks and lunches. Student commitment has improved from last year. A register is kept of those prefects who do cover this duty. The LRC has supplied prefects with guidelines for the job.


LRC Pass Report

LRC Accounts
April - June 7
Account 68 (Fines Book) $136.75Account 68.1 (Print) $388.85

Circulation Reports for the Year
  • Playaways have been cataloged and are currently available for checking out.
  • There are plans to process all existing DVD's and CDs, copy each one and make them available for students to check out, during sy2009/10.

Cataloging Report

LRC Account #68
external image pdf.png LRC 31MAY10.pdf

LRC Account #68.1 Printing
external image pdf.png 68.1LRC 31may10.pdf

Bodega Report on Expenditures from both #68 and #68.1
LRC 68.1 Printer Toner
LRC 68

  • The 4 central columns of the LRC have been covered with pinboard material and will be painted a pleasant colour over the summer holidays.
  • A large pinboard has been placed below Large Seminar Room B windows for the Careers corner and the Head of Careers has had 2 large wooden magazine racks made to house student resources.
  • 4 carpets have been placed in each quiet reading are and one large carpet has been placed under the large table at the back of the LRC.
  • Beanbags were ordered for the quiet work area at the back of the LRC and have proven exceptionally popular with students.
  • A large cabinet was made for the t.v. in Small Seminar A and 2 additionally tv sets on portable stands were donated for Small Seminar B and Large Seminar A.
  • 3 wooden display tables were constructed for the LRC earlier in the year.
  • Wooden barriers were placed in front of the schoolbag cubby holes to avoid bags falling out onto the floor.
  • 9 Vio computers were added to the LRC and are used a great deal by students working with online projects.
  • Several new digital cameras have been added to the LRC inventory and are heavily booked.
  • Several plants were ordered and placed around the LRC to add to the ambiance.
  • All summer maintenance is being recorded in the following location.
Formato Trabajos Summer 2010


  • We have had some issues with Glifos this term, often related to IT changes here at school. Most of the time support has been good, but these problems have lead to several days in which the system could not be used properly.
  • We will not be renewing Glifos Media, instead we will purchasing the basic Glifos package. Glifos will be moving to a wiki format in September.
  • The Laser jet 3600 colour printer in the LRC has been fixed. The black and white printer continues to function and the new colour laser printer is working well. The new printer which was initially placed in the centre of the circulation area will be relocated for sy09/10 as a new work area now occupies the centre of the circulation area. The photocopier has now been moved from the LRC Office/Workroom to a location to the left of the circulation desk.
  • Printing of colour documents continues to be restricted to the circulation desk. Paper for printing is paid for in advance. This has helped to cut down on the number of wasted or unpaid for copies. A record of all printing is kept by LRC staff members.

  • The LRC has a small collection of books to be donated to local charities.

Areas of Concern

Cataloging of books in the Glyfos system is incomplete. Whilst all new books have been cataloged there is still a backlog of texts original to the library that must be added to the system. The Libraray Assistant will make this her first priority over the summer holidays. It is doubtful that the job will be completed until the end of sy10/11. All magazines and periodicals in print are being cataloged. We do need additional admin. help in this area.

Internet signals continue to fluctuate at times in the LRC, That said, the situation is much improved when compared to sy08/09. The concern is that with a new influx of student laptops and a greater dependence on cloud computing in the curriculum, the current bandwidth may not be sufficient and innovative teaching will be severely affected.

Student ID Cards
Many students claim that they do not have an ID card or that they have been left at home. We need to ensure that students do arrange for new ID cards to replace those lost and stress the importance of having their cards with them at all times.

Unsupervised Students
Members of staff each have 4 LRC passes but sometimes send any number of students. They have been asked not to do this, but we do need to find a a system that allows IB students to work in the LRC unsupervised, staying on task and without disrupting other classes.