• The LRC Committee and LRC Staff continue to hold regular meetings. Minutes are kept in a shared notebook in each case.These minutes will be kept in Google Sites for sy2009/10.
  • A new library assistant has been hired, and is on 3 months probation. She will be working over the summer, in the LRC which will be open once a week on Wednesdays from 8:00-11:30 and 12:30-3:00.

Professional Development
  • Glifos Media training has taken place for all library staff members.
  • A representative from each relevant department will be chosen to develop video transcripts during sy2009/10.

Information Fluency

In House Training
  • Staff and student training on the use of web 2.0 and other technologies for teaching and learning has taken place all year long. While much of this training has been offered in class, and department groupings, a great deal of time has been dedicated to individual teachers as well. The following areas were the focus of in house training this year(separate sessions outside of ICT lessons were held for class groups on many of the following):
    1. Blogs (Edublogs and Moveable Type): Spanish Dept, History, Team Sports, 6th Grade Tutors
    2. Wikis: Art,Science, PE, Careers, Geograhy, IGCA
    3. Ning: ICT, IGCA
    4. Delicious: ICT
    5. Google Docs and Gmail: PE, French, Spanish,Art
    6. Whyville:6 th grade teachers
    7. Toondoo: Economics and Business Studies, French and Spanish
    8. Picasa Web Albums: Art,Team Sports
    9. iMovie: (certain 7th grade English Classes)
    10. Google Sites: French and Science
    11. Questia: IB Humanities and English, 11th Grade
    12. Nooodlebib: ICT and 11th Grade
    13. Mahara: 9th and 11th Grades
    14. VoiceThread: Art

During SY2009/10, sessions (voluntary attendance) will be held in many of the above areas as well as, iMacs, NeoOffice, SmartBoards and SmartNotebook, as well as any new areas that are appropriate, for groups of interested teachers.

Book Orders
  • A major book order and a secondary book order, took place this year, both focusing on fictional texts as well as special requests by teachers and students. The order for sy2009/10 focuses on fictional texts as well, but includes suitable non-fiction based on departmental requests. This order also includes a substantial number of Play Away audio book devices and there are plans purchase several Kindles during 2010. An additional order will be placed later in the year, which take into account special the needs of departments.
  • The LRC has now joined the Scholastic Book Club and two successful orders have been placed this year. The LRC has been able to build up its collection with the orders through a point and coupon system. This will continue next year at a rate of 4 orders a year. The dates are on the LRC calendar.
  • During sy2009/10 the LRC will institute a Birthday Book Badge system through which families will be offered the option to purchase a book for the LRC. A card (birthday badge) will be adhered the inside cover in commemoration of the birthday donation.
Example Badge
Methods of Communication
  • The LRC Website created and administrated by the Director of Studies and the LRC Coordinator, has grown immensely since the beginning of the school year, housing an enormous amount of information for teachers and students. The Website is used a great deal for ICT based projects, and would appear to be viewed/used world wide.
  • The ABCICT Wiki was created to house examples of student produced digital projects, online lessons and tutorials as well as links for lessons. This growing collection will be added to during sy2009/10.
  • A monthly newslettercontinues to be written by the LRC Coordinator as a means of communicating with the larger community. This newsletter is sent out at the end of each month and posted on the LRC Website.

Magazine and Journal
  • Subscriptions have been reviewed and those that are not put to use have been cut from the list.

Used Book Weeding
  • Books were weeded during the week of January 28th. Staff from different departments removed books deemed inappropriate or past their prime from the shelves. Money collected from the sale of these books were put towards the purchase of Spanish Books for 1st and 2nd grade classrooms at La Sabana School.
  • Further book weeding is planned for the first two weeks of December 2009. Books which are permanently removed from the shelves will be sold at the Christmas Fair.

Audio Visual Equipment
  • A complete inventory of audio visual equiment within the LRC and departments was completed during the first half of the school year. The details of staff members who have borrowed departamental equipment have been recorded and all equipment is to be returned to the LRC for safe storage during the summer holidays.
  • LRC specific equiment is stored in a central locker within the building and booked out to staff and students through the booking system. ID cards are taken on loans of equipment and returned when equipment is given back. There are plans to properly catalogue this equipment in the Glyfos system and check items out using the ID bar codes during sy2009/10.

Development plans
  • There are plans for additional carpeting, furniture for work areas, as well as for housing books, Play Aways and dvds.
  • a Mimio system is on order for Large Seminar B.
  • The majority of objectives on the LRC Action plan for sy08/09 have been completed. Those initiatives that were not initiated have been reviewed by the LRC Committee and will if deemed appropriate, be incorporated in to the action plan for sy2009/10. These are to include: student produced digital book reviews, book clubs, birthday book badges, the development of a research skills program, and possibly the creation of a monthly news show.
  • New additions to the action plan will include strengthening the ties between La Sabana school through CAS and LRC Monitors through the building of classroom/grade level libraries. The implementation of a Think Quest Website Project as an extra-curricular activity shared between 5th and 6th grade and overseen by LRC Prefects as well as the LRC Coordinator and Primary ICT Coordinator, staff training on Macs and related software as well as Web 2.0. LRC Prefects will also take on certain aspects of display as well as reading clubs.
  • Theatre Week, Book Week, Poetry Week, Earth Week were very successful and will take place in sy2009/10 as whole school events, run by a committee of interested teachers and librarians and the LRC Coordinator. Dates have been set for the upcoming school year and have been placed on the LRC calendar. Theatre and Book Weeks have been combined into a single event, and will include a used Spanish book drive with books destined for La Sabana School.

  • The profile of reading in the Secondary school has risen substantially during the current school year. In great part this can be attributed to the large injection of fiction books LRC received earlier in the year. That said, the promotion of reading by departments has been another main factor as well as the various book/reading related events that have taken place during the school year.
  • Regular displays by the librarian and assistant help to promote reading in general, as well as certain collections of books. Some of these displays are a joint effort between the LRC and departments, an example of which is the Book of the Week display for KS3.
  • Further motivation to read is provided by the thematic book marks which the LRC produces on a monthly (occasionally weekly) basis. These bookmarks are provided free of charge to staff and students in the Secondary school and are on display at the circulation desk.
  • Book clubs/reading circles are a priority for sy2009/10 and will further the promotion of reading within the school.

Curriculum Development
Web 2.0
  • The KS3 ICT Curriculum which is delivered in the LRC, has been revamped and Web 2.0 is now very much a focus in 6th to 8th grade. The Schemes of work have been redeveloped throught meetings with ICT both Primary and Secondary review of the ICT Vertical Curriculum, which includes ICT, Cross Curricular Links and Lifeskills(web fluency). Further initiatives for KS3 ICT and other departments are planned for sy2009/10.

  • Project work involving audio, digital photos and video projects has taken place within the LRC utilising iMac applications: iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes, iPhoto and Photobooth. As well, every iMac now has Picasa Photo Editor installed on it which students have used for photo editing collage construction. The recording rooms and audiovisual equipment are heavily used by students and teachers working on digital projects inside and outside of class time.

  • Students have also worked a great deal with web fluency and web ethics including search skills, cyber safety and social networking in both ICT and Life Skills lessons. A scheme of work for web fluency has been drawn up and delivered, and can be accessed directly from the ABC Web Fluency Wiki. The creation of a research program of study will be a focus for sy2009/10.

  • PowerPoint reform was a focus this school year and will continue to be one during sy2009/10. 6th to 10th grade were taught how to create and and present effectively. Departments collaborated on the guidelines and these have now been adopted Secondary School wide. There are plans for sy2009/10 to expand into online presentations using Learn Central's Elluminate Technology.

  • The school has begun using Mahara as a digital portfolio system meant to help students compile and reflect on collections of their best work periodically.

  • There are plans in place to expand teaching and learning into the area of virtual field trips in sy2009/10 utilising web applications such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Second Lifeand Whyville. This will only be possible if the school bandwidth has been boosted sufficiently.

  • Subscriptions for Noodlebib and Questia have been purchased so as to facilitate research and citation work. Training for Questia has taken place for IB students. Noodlblebib has been utilised in KS3 as well as the current 11th grade.

  • Plans exist for a trial period of Ebesco Host which will run in sy2009/10, in order to gain staff feedback and investigate the possibility of purchase during sy2009/10.

American Library Association
  • During the Easter break, the LRC hosted a workshop for members of the Library Association of El Salvador on how to use Gmail and Google Docs. The session was run by the LRC Librarian.

  • On May 23rd, as part of the country wide National Librarian's Week activities, the LRC hosted a workshop for members of the Library Association of El Salvador on how to use Wikis for Library Website construction. A second followup session will be held in late June, as requested by attendees.

ICT lessons in the LRC
  • All KS3 ICT lessons are being held in the LRC. iMacs and Large Seminar B are booked for each one. Pin boards have been put up in both Large A and B and those in B are used for ICT and Life Skills* display.
*The Life Skills You and the Media unit is being taught in the LRC.

  • The LRC remains heavily booked as a class teaching venue.

Library Pass Visits
  • The LRC had received 2480 visits from students using the LRC Library Pass system as of May 31st, 2009. This does not include class group visits.

Circulation Report for the Year

Areas of Concern
Cataloguing of books in the Glyfos system is incomplete. Whilst all new books have been cataloged there is a backlog of texts original to the library that must be added to the system. The Libraray Assistant will make this her first priority over the summer holidays, and all books in the LRC will have been processed prior to the beginning of sy2009/10. Plans are in place to catatalog all magazines and periodicals in print, as well as existing DVD's and CDs, during sy2009/10.

  • Internet signals continue to fluctuate within the LRC. The situation has worsened over the course of the year and has reached a point where it is very difficult to run web based lessons.