What progress has been made? What areas of the development plan need further work?
Areas Where Progress has been Made
  1. We have worked further on the development of the makerspace, which is still ongoing and will continue to develop and change depending on student interest and areas of need. The current set up and the Library Maker group work, has helped students to better understand and work with Global issues. They have taken part in experiences that aid them in discovering their passions and foster their creativity. The Makerspace is known as a creative, safe place to go to Make by students. The afternoon,ICT Maker Club has been successful and supported of student leaders. Students have worked on a variety of projects including robotics, programming, electronic circuits, soldering and sound waves to name a few. They have also been mentored on several occasions by Exabrit, Roberto Melendez who has worked with them remotely via Skype as well as in person during a recent visit. This arrangement is to continue next school year.

2. The Green Screen animation set up and the studio in general have lead to the implementation of new initiatives in animation and other film work. The room provides a dedicated studio are for filmmaking and equipment set up. Students are comfortable with dropping in to work and teachers are increasingly finding opportunities for students to to make use of this area. Next SY we need to work on audio setups using our current equipment in order to improve the audio work done by students. These AV setups will remain in place for drop in users as well as scheduled lessons.

3. STEAM Fest was a huge success and provided a solid foundation on which to extend further in sy16/17. Staff and students now understand “making” within context and are keen to take on and initiate new projects. We met our main objectives of engendering both creativity and curiosity through a whole school endeavor, while simultaneously involving additional national institutions and organisations. Next school year we will begin promoting as of September, by issuing challenges and working with students who express an interest in developing their own projects.

4. DVA 2016 was possibly the most successful yet. Attendance far exceeded past events and our greatest expectations. We hosted over 200 guests, and only two student nominees were absent. DVA T-shirts and special meetings with students, consistent reminders and messages home were useful in boosting nominee attendance. This year a member of the 11th grade became part of the production team and the DVA Crew was made up of both teachers and students. Students were empowered to become part of the planning and production process, and this was key to the development and success of this event.

5. Each year we do our utmost to share our experiences and learning by way of Presentations, through publishing to social media, by collaborating on projects and our working with our PLNs.This year was no exception.

The LRC/ICT staff members (Hilda, Silvia, Jen, Eu and Raul) presented __Taking the Leap-Makerspaces in the Library__, in Spanish, at Library 2.0 online conference in October of 2015.
Jennifer Garcia presented a session on supporting the curriculum with __iPads and Green Screen Magic__ for Library 2.0 in October 2015.

Silvia Serrano and Jennifer Garcia also presented __The ABC Scratch Learning Games Project__, __Animation Collaboration With Tablets__, and __Tell Your Story -- Kids as Ebook Authors__ at ISTE 2015.
Our __ABC Scratch Learning Games Project__won first place for the __Online Learning Award__(scroll down).
Two of our proposals for ISTE 2016 were accepted. Raul Martinez will represent the LRC and ICT in presenting :

Areas in Need of Further Work
  1. Audiobook (Audible) loans never took off this year, despite many attempts to add them to our services. We have been successful in doing this in the past through cds and playaways. This year, however, we purchased a large collection of audible books which we did not want to burn on CDs. It took the better part of the year to sort out a system for protecting usb flash drives so that they can be lent to students in this way. The issue that we want to avoid is copyright infringement by students. We should be ready with this system for SY16/17 and will continue to look for better ways of providing audio books for our students, possibly through a cloud based system, but only if we can protect their copyright.

2. We did not offer as many training opportunities to staff members, through the LRC as originally anticipated. These initiatives became difficult to find time for as we had quite a staffing issue in the first half of the school year and intense, event filled second half to deal with. That said our list of total training sessions is fairly long.

Training Offered Off-site:

ISTE 2015
__The ABC Scratch Learning Game Project__
__Animation Collaboration with Tablets__
__Tell Your Story-Kids as eBook Authors__
GAFE Guate 2015
__Google Apps para Collaboración__
Crafts Recycling related stories “Mira bien: Arte a la vista” in Antiguo Cuscatlan.
Taller: La Magia de Google Apps en los Cuentacuentos Digitales y Aventuras con Makerspace en la Biblioteca.
Library 2.0 Online Conference ( in conjunction with LRC/ICT colleagues)
"__Taking the Leap Makers Spaces in the Library__" __Recording__
__Classroom 2.0 Live Saturday Show__ guest presenter: __Green Screens + iPads = Magic__
ABC:In House
History: Improving Google Sites, tabs, widgets, videos, links to resources etc...
French: Improving Google Sites, tabs, widgets, videos, links to resources etc...
ABC Teachers-__Tasks in GMail__
ABC Teachers (Spanish)-__Google Classroom__
ABC Teachers-__Harnessing the Power of Gmail with Super Searches and Filtered Messages__
__Make GMail Work for You__

3. During SY 15/16 we involved the librarians more closely with class activities. We have made strides in the following areas:

-6th orientation days
-introduction to the new library system
-Spanish and Poetry Week

We plan to involve the librarians more in the discussions with departments in order to support curriculum through compilation and promotion of special collections and displays.
We plan on strengthening the liaisons with the languages and offering either monthly or bimonthly lesson slots in which the librarians will work with the students on creative projects linked to literature.
Integration of new members of the department. Planning for new staff in August 2017.
The addition of Eugenia as Library Assistant has been very beneficial to the team and aided us in taking on and succeeding at new initiatives. I new Librarian will be officially contracted as of August, but she will be in school as of July working with her new colleagues in the LRC, following through on summer jobs and new initiatives.

__Roles and Summer Jobs Document__
Please record any comments about progress / developments with particular grades / courses - including positives and concerns.
Note: In August HoDs will be asked to complete an IGCSE and IB examination evaluation document.
What new resources is the department making use of? What resources will you be seeking to acquire or make use of SY16-17?
New resources
Green Screen studio, animation stations, maker trolleys and the maker space, arduinos, edison robots, 3d printing pens, oscilloscope(donated), drones, 6 new iMacs, new tripods for iPads.
We are in the process of setting up our Audible collection for lending in SY16/17 after quite a few difficulties. We purchased a sewing machine for the maker spaces which will be used by students for a number of projects, including preparation for STEAM Fest 2017. Three mini drones were purchased for use in clubs and in conjunction with Geography. We have purchased a __3D printer__ for use this coming school year which will be used in 3D design lessons and the maker space.
A new Canon DSLR has been purchased to replace the decade old DSLR used in the LRC for student ID, and event photos.

Resources for SY16/17
We will be purchasings replacement 3d printer pens of a different brand.
We need to work on improving our audio work and will be doing so by setting up the studio for it in the coming school year.
We have co-purchased with ICT, a new collection of new large tripods for work in the studio.
We will improve our stock of makerspace equipment and materials, based on trends as well as student interest and suggestions.
The end of year book order is complete and comprised mainly of fiction and nonfiction print texts, and some e-books.
This also includes a large French language book order which is pending due to supply issues during sy15/16.These books have started to arrive and will be processed during the summer months.
We are considering a drone club as well, using our mini drones and 3 new ones.
What are the main priorities for your department for SY16-17?
Note: HODs will be asked to write Department Development Plans for SY16-17 at the start of next academic year in line with Secondary Goals for SY16-17.
-Expand the Makerspace and its use by patrons, and outsource interested experts.
-Work with Maker student leaders to devise investigations for other students-vertically as well as horizontally.
-Create special print collections, reorganising the shelves, create a science corner, and promote heavily through display,assemblies etc…
-Run monthly competitions, interactive displays.
-Liaise with languages and bring students in for fun regular literature related activities.
-Promote STEAM FEST 2017 early in the year, define special challenges and encourage students to take ownership of their own projects.
-Continue to support EE students with research and citations.
-Improve audio work in the studio.
-Provide regular PD for teachers
-Provide sessions on key skills for older students: example: Video work in Google Drive, formatting documents for essays etc..
-Provide regular Maker dropins for students and promote.
-Create a Drone club
-Bring in the Scholastic book Clubs and Book fair for Book Week.
-Continue our community outreach programs: Library Workshops, Club Recilectura
-Closing up ICT Lab so that it is a quieter teaching space and doesn’t disrupt other activities within the LRC the LRC.
-Increase the LRC fiction and non-fiction e-book collection possibly through subscription services or using current services through EBSCO and Follett. Promote these collections with staff and students.