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Jennifer Garcia

LRC Coordinator and ICT Teacher
  1. is a member of both the LRC and ICT Departments.
  2. supports teaching and learning across subjects through digital initiatives and KS3 ICT and Creative Carrousels.
  3. coordinates the Learning Resources Centre.
  4. is a Google Certified Teacher.
  5. is a Google Qualified Individual(will apply for Google Educational Trainer qualification in June)
  6. is an active member of ISTE.
  7. Coordinates, plans and teaches KS3 ICT

Rodrigo Alfaro

Digital Media Specialist and ICT Teacher
  1. is a member of the LRC, Film Studies and ICT Departments.
  2. is the school Digital Media Specialist.
  3. is a member of both the LRC, ICT Departments/Committee.
  4. collaborates on the planning of KS3 ICT.
  5. teaches KS3 creative carrousel, 6th-8th ICT and 11th grade Film Studies.
  6. is a 12th grade tutor.
  7. supports staff and students in the planning and production of digital media projects and offers general ICT support.
  8. teaches animation and robotics lessons through two extracurricular clubs.

Yensi Vides

Head Librarian
  1. is the vice president of ABES for 2014.
  2. is an active member of IFLA, ABES and ALA library associations.
  3. works with circulation, book processing, orders,special events as well as supervision of students

Hilda Gomez

  1. is a qualified teacher.
  2. works with circulation, book processing, subscriptions, display and special events as well as supervision of students.
  3. is a member of IFLA,ABES and ALA library associations.

Professional Development

PD Offered by the LRC

  1. PD has been by request and through proposed project work, often at an individual level. Much of our PD initiative this year have included work with video and work with iPad and other mobile apps with the Science Department. We have also worked closely with the Science department on one of our Open Sim regions on Jokaydia Grid.
  2. The LRC has hosted 2 large scale Saturday ICT/LRC PD event. The events were arranged by the LRC coordinator in conjunction with the LRC Head Librarian.
    • Most of the San Vicente sessions were lead by Jennifer Garcia-LRC Coordinator, with several sessions being lead and/or supported by Rodrigo Alfaro and Silvia Serrano-ICT Teachers,Yensi Vides and Hilda Gomez-LRC Staff members and Shari Nixon-English teacher.
The San Vicente Teacher Project Session 5, focused on Online Game in Education, Creating Online Classes, Creating and Managing Online Projects.
    • The ABEs Session which focused on: Google Apps: Google Drive, Doctopus, Goobric, Google Sites Google Plus, Google Calendar, blogger, was lead by Yensi Vides, Hilda Gomez, Rodrigo Alfaro and Jennifer Garcia, and supported by Shari Nixon and Silvia Serrano.
3. Organised the Hour of Code inservice for participating teachers

PD and Activities-LRC Staff

Jennifer Garcia:

Professional Societies and Training
  1. attended ISTE during June of 2013 as an attendee and presenter
  2. engages in continuous professional development through online resources, webinars and networks
  3. completed the Google Trainer Training Exams, is a Qualified Individual and is in the process of applying for certified trainer status
  4. participates in self guided learning through personal learning networks, online educational Associations and online teaching communities.
    • Global Edcon
    • Classroom 2.0
    • Library 2.0
    • LinkedIn
    • Google Certified Teachers
    • Diigo Groups
    • Twitter
  5. is active member of ISTE.
  6. ISTE 2014 presentation proposal accepted
As a Facilitator
  1. San Vicente Teachers Group-November 10th 2013
  2. co-organised the Hour of Code Plan
  3. co-lead Hour of Code inservice for participating teachers
  4. supervised the LRC presentation work for Library 2.0
  5. Organised Janine Kimmel's Visit and work with 5th and 6th grade
  6. ABES Librarian Week-presented sessions on Google Drive, Flubaroo, and Google Calendar
Curriculum,Collaboration and Cross Curricular
  1. co-organised the 7th grade Slavery project with Carmen Duarte
  2. created new Pinterest boards for curation of useful resources for teachers and students
  3. lead the Online Gaming Club in collaboration with a 9th grade student
  4. created Badges and prepared for implementation of ICT Class Badges 6th, 7th, 8th
  5. worked with English, Science, Spanish, Humanities on developing tech integrated learning activities for their curriculum.
  6. took part in the pilot of Socrative Beta for starters, quizzes and feedback, along with ICT teachers
  7. created the Virtual Field Trip webmix was created using Symbaloo, for teachers and students
LRC Admin
  1. lead and supervised LRC Events, Displays
  2. completed LRC orders with help from Yensi Vides
  3. lead Book Weeding
  4. organised reorganisation of the LRC due to new construction
  5. authors the ABC LRC and Learning at the LRC blogs
  6. authors and manages the ABCICT, Learning Resources Centre, ABC Inset and ABC Web Fluency websites
  7. manages and authors the LRC Flickr, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook
  8. began the implementation of Follet Destiny Library Management System

Yensi Vides:

Professional Societies and Training
  1. participated in the "I Semana del Acceso Abierto El Salvador 2013" Council of University Libraries of El Salvador- 21st to 25th of October
  2. participated in the workshop “Uso de Herramientas Web 2.0 en el Mundo Académico”.IRC of the American Embassy- Thursday 24th of October
  3. participated in the “CONGRESO VIRTUAL MUNDIAL DE E-LEARNING CONGRESO E-LEARNING” 7th to 18th October.
  4. participation in “Lectura Fácil, una herramienta para fomentar el hábito lector” 13th to 14th of December in Barcelona by way of a video report on the work in El Salvador by the Comisión Lectura Fácil
  5. member of the coordination committee for ABES Cultural Week, 13th to 25th May, 2014
  6. member of Library 3.0 the Global Library
  7. member of School Librarians
  8. Member of ABES
  9. Member of IFLA
  10. Member of ALA
  11. new position-Vice president of ABES Asociación de Bibliotecarios for 2014-2016
  12. head of ABES Communications Commission
  13. participated in Filcen 2014 - Central American International book FairCuenta Cuentos Activity
  14. participated in the various Librarian's Week Sessions:
    • E-Recursos: selección, adquisición, integración y distribución.
    • El acceso abierto y los bibliotecologos.
    • Herramientas para bibliotecarios digitale (apps,moocs,blogs y otros).
    • El Papel del bibliotecario en el proceso de investigación.
    • El Libro: Educación, cultura y literatura.
    • Los creative commons: aspectos importantes.
    • Sindicación de contenidos (RSS feeds).
    • Los recursos de la social media: una experiencia con el ISSUU.
    • Bibliotecas en la Nube.
    • Desarrollo de materiales interactivos bajo Creative Commons.
    • La tecnología como herramienta de apoyo al desarrollo de la Unidades de Información
    • Gestores de referencia bibliográficas: Zotero, herramienta de acceso libre para gestores de la información.

As a Facilitator
  1. presented at the “Library 2.0” online conference- **Los LRC lugares para la formación continua con acceso a multi recursos para todo tipo de usuarios**18th October
  2. presented Google+ la mejor herramienta en educación y negocio.
  1. personal Blog -Bibliotecari@ E-comparte
  2. new projects for May 2014. New web page using the platform
  3. aided with Janine Kimmel's Visit
  4. helped with compiling and processing the LRC orders
  5. organised disposal of weeded books
  6. co-coordination of Book Week
  7. new professional blog incorporated in the Bibliotecari@ E-comparte site
  8. collaborated on the development of Poetry Week
  9. coordinator and presenter for ABES Board training session: Aprovechando al máximo las herramientas de Gmail

Rodrigo Alfaro:

Professional Societies and Training
  1. member of ISTE
  2. successfully completed the IB Professional Development - Film. Online Category 1.
  3. enrolled in Robotics Course Online -Robots for Education. Lego & Beyond
  4. will present the LRC Presentation: Building learning adventures from scratch at ISTE 2014
  5. will present : Lego Mindstorms Robots: Mars Explorer Competition at ISTE 2014
  6. enrolled in Robotics Course Online -Robots for Education. Lego & Beyond
As a Facilitator
  1. co planned for the Hour of Code
  2. assisted members of staff with video work.
  3. assisted Fernando Montes with the acquisition of video mixer & console
  4. san Vicente Tutor Workshops Support
  5. production of a Video for ABES - Easy Reading Association in El Salvador
  6. ran ABES Librarian Week Session on Doctopus and Goobric
  7. Assisted in the Recording of Music/Drama Presentation Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Curriculum,Collaboration and Cross Curricular
  1. co planned, prepared and ran Theatre Week
  2. assisted members of staff with video work
  3. took part in the pilot of Socrative Beta for starters, quizzes and feedback, along with ICT teachers
  4. ran Animation Club
  5. runs Robotics Club
  6. planned and coordinated the 8th grade robotics course

Hilda Gomez

Professional Societies and Training
  1. member of IFLA,ABES and ALA library associations
  2. Congreso Virtual Mundial de e-Learning
  3. second Vocal on ABES Board of Directors 2012-2014
  4. member of the IBERLECTURA educational community
  5. Google Apps Certification
  6. participation in the various Librarian's Week Sessions:
      • 25 años de legado cultural, traspasando fronteras y marchando hacia la innovación digital
      • Acceso abierto y los bibliotecólogos
      • El libro, educación y cultura
      • Los creative commons
      • Todos iguales oportunidades creación rinconcito de Lectura Fácil en Museo Tin Marín
      • El patrimonio bibliográfico salvadoreño. Museo Nacional de Antropología
      • Google + Workshop

As a Facilitator
  1. teaching Ivette Applications: Diigo, QR Codes and others
  2. Library 2.013 Worldwide Virtual Conference: Los LRC Lugares para la Formación Continua con Acceso a Multi Recursos para Todo Typo de Usuarios
  3. playing with books: Centro Cultural de España en El Salvador
  4. ran the workshop-Semana de la biblioteca” Colegio Americano de El Salvador
  5. La biblioteca, espacio motivador para la lectura a través de actividades.
  6. participation in Filcen 2014 - Central American International book Fair
  7. Cuenta Cuentos Activity
  8. participated in and lead sessions for Aprovechando al máximo las herramientas de Gmail, ABES. (29nd March)
  9. ABES Librarian Week-presented Blogging with Blogger
LRC and Curriculum Support
  1. collection of displays for libraries on Pinterest
  3. blog-Murales Educativos
  4. met with French and Spanish Departments together for new projects
  5. discarding of weeded books
  6. aided with book weeding
  7. lead LRC Displays
  8. liaised with the French Dept. and Spanish together at for new projects
  9. Spanish Poetry Week Coordination
  10. French Francofonia Week Coordination
  11. supported IGCA with Earth Week.
  12. supported Spanish with Tribute Gabriel García Márquez.
  13. supported ICT in the DVA 2014

Resources and Equipment

  1. The new ICT lab came into use this school year. This has had a positive impact by increasing the variety of teaching strategies that can now be employed. It frees up the computers in the main LRC and provides a dedicated space for ICT lessons, which is out of the way of other activities that take part in the LRC. It works quite well, however sound issues persist.
  2. The LRC received 8 New iPads this past August which have been in constant use for audio video work during carrousels, digital storytelling and research work. They will become one of the main tools for the upcoming 6th grade during sy13-14 and are written into the schemes of work as such.
  3. The LRC received to Surface tablets. These have been used sparingly so far. More thought needs to go into how their potential might be exploited.
  4. The LRC received new tripods,Video Cameras, iPad tripod fittings, lighting kits, headsets and other AV equipment this year. Some of these items were replacements while others were purchased to complete sets or adapt to the changing needs of digital work in the LRC.
  5. New imacs were not purchased this school year but we expect 12 new iMacs for the ICT lab in August.
  6. Noise is a continuous problem in the LRC. Staff and students find it difficult to study and read in the facility.
  7. The "Studio" area has moved from the back of the LRC to the old non fiction section and is now the accepted place for students to work on digital video.Video work is seriously affected by the noise levels, as a result the majority of the several hundreds of videos produced here each SY are of poor sound quality. We are awaiting a quote for enclosing this area.
  8. The Non-Fiction section has moved to the East side of the LRC and is now adjacent to the Fiction section.
  9. 12 new iMacs are on order for SY13/14, which means the 12, 2 year old iMacs can be moved out into the main LRC area along with those that are 6 years old.
  10. The new back wall is now a massive display board for events and projects.
  11. Several ICT lessons a week were being taught in the seating area off of the new classrooms as they took place at the same time as other ICT lessons, therefor the lab is unavailable.
  12. The LRC will move to Destiny Library Management System for August. This will streamline book processing, incorporate digital resources and enhance student use of the library through personalised student profiles and social widgets.

Curriculum changes

  1. Poraora virtual world did not run this year, despite arranging for its setup. The internet was too poor to run it. This would have been its 3rd year in 6th grade for work with internet safety and working in virtual worlds.
  2. The creative carrousel continued to run this year, with a change for 8th grade in the second half. Recommended students or those interested in ICT were enrolled in the Scratch Programming and Lego Robotics Classes which ran until the end of the school year and received and academic grade.
  3. Minecraft was introduced to 7th grade as part of ICT lessons. Students worked through a survival island unit in tribes.
  4. Digital Portfolio work has become more prominent and is now supported by other departments. The upcoming 6th grade will use their blogs instead of wikis to house their portfolios.
  5. Reaction Grid has been replaced by Jokaydia Grid and used briefly(for lack of time) by 7th grade for the 7th grade unit on building in 3D virtual worlds. It has also been used by the ABC Pandora Club and 8th grade Science to to classify alien forms of life.
  6. EBooks have been introduced to 7th and continued in 8th grade. 7th Grade created Slavery eBooks on iBooks Author using the iMacs, a program which 8th grade utilised to create WW2 Person Story Books.
  7. EasyBib was introduced to KS3 as a tool for generating bibliographies using school Google Apps accounts.
  8. The use of iPads has continued in KS3 throughout ICT and Creative Carrousel lessons and are used for a wide variety of purposes by students.
  9. The brief 6th grade ebook unit was cancelled in favour of an introduction to Puppet Pals which they would later use for the World Heritage Project.
  10. Plans to teach App inventor to 8th grade were cancelled due to poor connectivity issues.
  11. Plans to teach Blender in 8th grade were cancelled due to lack of time.
  12. Jokaydia Grid Environmental Park Design Project
  13. Tellegami App and Crazy Talk apps were introduced as part of the A Better World Projec
  14. Doctopus Rosters have been used for classwork and Goobrics and continued use of Flubaroo for assessment for current KS3 ICT classes.

Technology, Cross Curricular and Global Awareness

  1. Cross curricular initiatives have grown between the LRC, Spanish Humanities, Science and English:
  2. Science has trialled the iPads with the following apps:
  3. Students are open to trying out new tools and developing their skills. and have well established educational technology toolkits which they use for different purposes in ICT and lessons other than ICT.
  4. Global Awareness has been worked into Life Skills and ICT lessons, through research on current events and global issues and collaborative work within the school.
  5. This was the first school year in which we have not participated in a collaborative project with other schools.

Events and Displays

Events and Displays




Action Plans

Action Plan 2013-14

LRC clubs

The Animation Club
The Robotics Club
The Online Gaming Club

Local Initiatives

  • The Santa Tecla Children’s Library-book donation
  • ABES training
  • Local teacher training in EdTech (San Vicente)
  • Weeded Book donation to local organisations


  • Orders: The LRC has placed 2 large Book orders this school year, with a focus on fiction, non fiction, reference and audiobooks and ebooks.The collection has grown significantly and will have grown to include new book titles by August 2014.
  • Subscriptions: The LRC has decreased the subscription to print and digital magazines this school year.

Final Reports


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.32.25 PM.png

Book Loans

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.32.15 PM.png

Student Visits-LRC Passes

LRC pass: 781 April/May 2014.

LRC pass total full-year: 2530