LRC Report February 28th 2009

Events and Activities Update
Poetry Week was kept low key as it followed on very quickly from the Christmas holidays. It should probably be moved to Cal 3 if possible for next year.
Three competitions were run during the week, 2 of these international (poetry and photography) and one internal- The Worst Poem Competition.
International submissions are being dealt with through the English department while the Worst Poem was dealt with through the LRC.

Displays were put up by LRC Staff in conjunction with Spanish and English, within the LRC and relevant posters and advertisements were posted outside the LRC. Poetry Bookmarks were also produced for the event.

Used Book Weeding
Books were weeded during the week of January 28th as Staff from different departments removed books deemed inappropriate or past their prime from the shelves. The ABC Community was then given the chance to put aside books they thought should return to the shelves. During the following weeks of February 2nd and 9th(Poetry Week) all the remaining books were put on sale. The earnings have been placed in a special account and are intended for LRC activities. Left over books were given away and a small portion remains in storage.


Yensi-Monthly reports

Update on Cataloging-sue
Currently working on cataloging the old fiction books[English only] all of which should be finished by Easter. Some French have been cataloged, but it will remain a lower priority for now as they are rarely borrowed. Few nonfiction books have been cataloged so far. The new ones are done and old ones are being done on an as needs basis. The new Spanish fiction books are almost complete and a start has been made on the older Spanish fiction books.

Accounts and Orders
LRC Cash
LRC Bodega
LRC Printing and Copying 68.1

Projects and Usage

Web 2.0
  • ICT
The KS3 ICT Curriculum has been revamped and Web 2.0 is now very much a focus in 6th to 8th grade. The Schemes of work have been redeveloped to include web applications often as vehicles for cross curricular work with departments.

  • Blogs
New blogs have been created in Art, Spanish and Humanities, these are being linked off the main page and LRC page as they come into use.

  • Wikis
The HNC wiki has been created by Lucila and students will be able to write to it.

  • Ning
All Students in 7th and 8th grade belong to the ABCICT ning. The ning is being used as a communication device for the 7th and 8th grade students and their ICT teachers as well as a vehicle to teach the advantages of social networking.

  • Delicious
All students in KS3 now have an account and have begun using social bookmarking and network searches as a first stop in online research, as well as a way of bookmarking their own favourites.

Paid subscriptions
  • Noodlebibs
All students in KS3 now have an account and have begun to work with the application for research and when compiling sources cited lists and notecard

Trials periods of Ebesco Host, Gale, and Questia Databases were run during the month of February.
Staff Feedback was strongly in favour or Questia. We propose that this database be purchased and we review further databases for possible purchase during sy2009/10.


ICT lessons in the LRC
All KS3 ICT lessons are being held in the LRC. iMacs and Large Seminar B are booked for each one. Pinboards have been put up in both Large A and B and those in B are used for ICT and lifeskills display.

The LRC remains heavily booked as a class teaching venue.

Between December 1st 2008 and February 28th 2009, 1024 students signed in to use the LRC during regular lessons, using the Library pass system,

LRC Committee,Staff and

The LRC Committee and LRC Staff continue to hold regular meetings. Minutes are kept in a shared notebook in each case.

Newsletters and Reports
A monthly newsletter continues to be written by the LRC Coordinator as a means of communicating with the larger community. This newsletter is sent out at the end of each month and posted on the LRC Website.

All initiatives are on hold for lack of funds.

Displays continue to be updated regularly and pinboards have been placed in key locations around the LRC.

Additional Supervision
Prefects have been assigned to aid in supervising during breaks and lunches. This is in its early phase and student commitment has been week so far. A register is kept of those prefects who do cover this duty. The LRC Coordinator will supply prefects with guidelines for the job and bring up emerging issues with the head of Secondary.


Glifos Media (which we have paid for all year) training has been postponed for a later date, probably during the month of March. Staff will then work towards utilising and promoting the system with others in the school. They have recommended a new update funds pending.

Internet signals continue to fluctuate within the LRC. The wireless has also been unreliable at times. In many cases classes are forced to plug in their computers. The issues with vista computers and the wireless are being sorted out.

One colour laser printer has been sent out for servicing twice during this period and is still not functioning in the LRC. The second colour laser printer is showing its age and would appear to be on its way out.

Neither of the two printers currently operating within the LRC (black and white and colour) work with legal sized paper.

Printing of colour documents has been restricted to the circulation desk. Paper for printing is now paid for in advance. This has helped to cut down on the number of wasted or unpaid for copies.